3 Different Fashion Looks

Im back with another post with video! Exciting! This time about fashion! like fashion, especially the unique quirky kind and I wanted to share some outfits with you. I call myself a chameleon when it comes to fashion because I cant stick to just one (and who says you have… View Post

A Cat´s Tail: A Cat in Japan

  Its been almost a year since my last trip to Japan, and also a while since my last post here (my bad), and yes only now have I gotten around to making the intended montage video (again, my bad). Maybe it was meant to be for me to take… View Post

Fashion Inspo for 2018

  A promise is a promise! My fashion style, that is if I even have one, needs a drastic upgrade! I need to get out of these ¨UGH¨ garments and get my butt into something more fitting and totally up my alley. I have set myself a few fashion goals… View Post

Whats Fasting all About?

  Hey y´all! Im very passionate about nutrition. I find it ever so intriguing and I cant get though of it. I wasn’t happy about myself and my lifestyle for quite a while. I talked about this before in a previous post. I wrote that one of the things I … View Post

KotatsuTV Japan Summer Immersion BootCamp 2018

I cant even start to explain just how psyched I am for this. Its going to be awesomely, amazingly, terrifically fantastic! When KotatsuTV announced they were going to organise a summer camp all about Japan I just knew that I had to be a part of it. KotatsuTV is a… View Post