I just found myself watching High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, wow thats a mouthful. I totally LOVED it (the first episode that is). Such humor, much colour and just fun to watch mindlessly. But was it that mindless though? Right at the end of the episode I somehow… View Post

4 Things To Make Good Habits Stick: The Process is the Purpose

Motivation can really bite you in the bum sometimes. It does mine. I have trouble finding the right balance and keeping it as consistent as I can, knowing that my balance is in the imbalance. The past couple of months have been highs and lows, which to be fair isnt… View Post

3 Different Fashion Looks

Im back with another post with video! Exciting! This time about fashion! like fashion, especially the unique quirky kind and I wanted to share some outfits with you. I call myself a chameleon when it comes to fashion because I cant stick to just one (and who says you have… View Post

A Cat´s Tail: A Cat in Japan

  Its been almost a year since my last trip to Japan, and also a while since my last post here (my bad), and yes only now have I gotten around to making the intended montage video (again, my bad). Maybe it was meant to be for me to take… View Post

Fashion Inspo for 2018

  A promise is a promise! My fashion style, that is if I even have one, needs a drastic upgrade! I need to get out of these ¨UGH¨ garments and get my butt into something more fitting and totally up my alley. I have set myself a few fashion goals… View Post