Nevermore Ever After and After!

Such an epic inspirational song! It really motivates me to bring out the best in myself! I love Ever After High, it’s so pretty and full of great morals and friendship love. Cant wait for the next season to come out!

Survival Guide on Self-Care

I recently read a lovely and ever so helpful article about something that’s actually very important, especially to me. It was about self-care and it really enlightened me to take more care of myself and give myself a break every now and then. I’m already quite aware of the concept… View Post

Ear Candy: Melanie Martinez

I came across the awesome song called the Doll-house from Melanie Martinez quite a while ago without noticing just how cool and amazing the rest of her music was. It was literally only last night that I listened to more of her songs and fell deeply in love with them.… View Post

Everything is Awesome!

Because everything IS awesome! Great cheer up and motivation song for your morning to get you going! Feel more awesome than an awesome possum! Here´s the hour version just to get you started! You´re welcome!