New MH Movie: Welcome to Monster High

OMG are you just as excited as me and cant wait till this comes out? Apparently this movie takes us back to the roots to how it all began. Not only do we get to know the details on this but we get to drewl over the wonderful new animation. I’m… View Post

Twinkle Lady Facebook Page

So I’ve finally and officially opened my own Facebook page for the Twinkle Lady blog. So even if your not subscribed you can follow my page for updates on blog posts and more on Facebook. I want to do a give-away once I’ve hit 50 likes. What the giveaway will entail… View Post

My Ideal Trip to Tokyo for October 2017!

As mentioned in my “about me” page you may have seen that Japan is a big interest of mine. Hence this wonderful post! I wrote it a while ago on an older blog but I have revamped that version a bit and wanted to post it here. I personally think… View Post