Favorite Halloween Movies – ✟31 days of Halloween✟I

Just like Christmas there is no exception to watching holiday related movies. You’ll see them some on TV and maybe there is a new Halloween film coming out in the cinema too. Here’s all the spooky… View Post

Halloween themed Creepy and Kawaii Outfits – ✟31 days of Halloween✟

I love being creative and making fun collages for cute, cool or spooky outfits. Check out my Halloween inspired outfits below. They are a mix of cute (kawaii), creepy (kowai) and Goth. I enjoy making these… View Post

My Halloween Music List – ✟31 days of Halloween✟

There’s nothing like a good old Halloween play list that’s on repeat all through October. In spirit of the season I thought why not share my on list of personal favorites. These songs/music pieces are… View Post