How was your Summer Cat?

This summer has been pretty good!. Which it hasn’t been in a long time. Many positive things have been happening since June. Things like: starting a new job that I really love, hanging out more with my sister which bought me a lot of happiness, working very hard on myself and learning a whole lot along the way, finally starting to see a lot of positive results from lifestyle changes I made several months ago which gave me an enormous boost in confidence, confirming a dream that will be realized later this year, visiting CastleFest again after many years (it was incredible), having a photo-shoot after many years and feeling fabulous, popping my Mom jeans cherry and I couldn’t be happier, being way more active on my blog and I’m very excited to work on future projects soon, my passion for writing is here to stay for good and much more!

When it comes to stereotypical summer things to do I’ve actually done very few, to be honest. Not once have I worn my bathing suit for swimming, nor did I visit the beach or go on holiday, I didn’t see most of my friends either because I was too busy but regardless of that its been a blast.

I used to really, really hate summer. I didn’t have a connection to it whatsoever and I remember some horrible things happening when I was a teen around summer time that I had trouble letting go of. I also disliked the weather (big surprise). I used to dread when June came along and I just couldn’t wait for September to walk in through the door. Further more I had very little self confidence so I hated the idea of wearing less clothing and never knew what to wear and hated my body. Now I wouldn’t say that summer is my favorite season all of a sudden, as its all humid and I get all sweaty, sticky and burnt (when there are sunny days that is), but I have to admit that summer does have a good vibe and you cant really hate it regardless of the horrible sunburns or rainy days.

I do look back fondly at some summer memories of me sitting around an evening camp fire with friends while roasting/burning random treats. Or those days going camping when I was still young. Yeah summer has a lovely warm vibe and I’m pleased I’ve finally come to terms with it. I’m glad I left those dark gloomy thoughts of the past behind me because now I feel I can really enjoy life. I cant wait till next year because I want to travel more and visit some cool festivals and events too. I mean summer time is festival time and they’re ”gezellig”, as the Dutch people say.

So here’s to the summer of 2017! Adieu, it’s been great!


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