Why I love…Sailor Moon, Stickers and Stationary

Sailor Moon

My love for Sailor Moon started when I was a little girl in the 90’s. Sailor Moon was a pretty iconic anime for that time age and I’m so glad it was a part of my life. I used to really look forward to watching a new episode on television when coming home from school. As I grew up in Germany, the series was in German. It was one of the highlights of the day. I remember really loving the Pegasus episodes the most. It was so magical. My sister really liked Chibiusa and I was a fan of Sailor Jupiter. I think the soul reason I liked her was because she had brown hair like me. Kid logic. I loved that Sailor Jupiter loved to bake because I also loved to do that and not to mention electrical powers are pretty bad ass. I would absolutely LOVE to cosplay her one day. Both me and my sister were big fans and loved to collect all the merchandise we could find. It was quite hard to come by back then. One item I can remember very distinctly was a colouring/sticker book. I used to love to marvel at the beautiful illustrations and being a sticker lover added my stickers to my sticker book. *A little side note, I am not a fan of the new Sailor Moon Crystal series. I think they’re sh%$t!

Stickers are Life!

Which brings me to my next love in life..STICKERS! If its something I’m obsessed with its stickers, and stationary. I will most likely be buried with it, that’s how much I own and I still don’t think its enough. I just want it all *♫ I want it all and I want it now! ♬*. My obsession started at an early age but I’m not entirely sure what sparked my interest in the first place. If I’m going to take a wild guess it may have been my mums weekly women’s magazines that got me hooked (German women magazines had really nice stickers in them). She would give us the stickers to play with and I also remember my oma using them to decorate Christmas and birthday cards and envelopes. I must of felt attracted to the idea of something small that I could decorate things with (I have a thing for small detailed items). I was a child so a logical explanation is not at hands here. I was just designed to be obsessed with stickers! (It was my destiny). I remember my iconic sticker book too. I picked out a special one just for the best of stickers I found. It was my pride and joy. I think I still have it somewhere actually. Ahh stuff to show the kids one day, ha ha!

Diddl much?

As I got older my sticker collection grew but also my stationary interests, especially when I started school. School was, as far as I can remember, the soul reason I got into stationary. I mean I needed note books and the like for school and thus the addiction was born! I just love a fresh new notebook or letter paper for writing to pen-pals. I really liked detailed and pretty paper. My favorite was Diddl (Diddl is a cute little mouse with lots of cute friends) which was very popular in Germany in the 90’s and you could get literally everything from the brand. You could get school bags, notebooks, pens, colouring pens/pencils, pencil cases, cups, friend books, wrapping paper and so on. My favorite things to collect were Diddle Blöcke. Which was basically just cute stationary pads. Kids used to collect them all and swap unique ones. Of course I had my own collection too. It was serious business and the more you had (especially the unique ones) the better your collection was and also how popular you were. Fun times! I remember being in Germany recently and not being able to find anything from Diddl anymore. I then received tragic news that Diddl had been discontinued a few years ago. The company basically wasn’t making enough money anymore and moved onto other projects. My heart shattered into a million pieces! Now I try to scavenge what I can at markets, like the Kings day markets here in the Netherlands. I’ve been very lucky but I had noticed it was getting harder and harder to come by. How will I continue to live? Luckily I love lots of different stationary. That’s one of the reasons I love Japan, because they know their stationary. I have to admit I felt very overwhelmed the first time I entered a department store dedicated to only stationary in Tokyo.  Also I had a HUGE love for gel pens especially the glitter scented ones. Any 90’s/2000’s kid remember them? I could go on for hours so I’ll spare you ALL the details this time.

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