Fashion Inspo for 2018


A promise is a promise! My fashion style, that is if I even have one, needs a drastic upgrade! I need to get out of these ¨UGH¨ garments and get my butt into something more fitting and totally up my alley. I have set myself a few fashion goals for 2018 (yes I know its already June), and you bet that I will try mash them together to see what results I get.  I have to admit its actually quite fun browsing the web and browsing real life shops to learn about trends. Its awesome to see that 90´s fashion is making a whole new come back this year. Being a 90´s kid my nostalgic child heart burst into a shower of glitter. I definitely need to stock up, cause who knows what next years trends will be.

I wore/wear, whatever you wanna call it, Lolita Fashion, hobo gear and Gothic/Alternative fashion if you please. These fashion styles are pretty much tailored to my personality and they have certain lifestyle aspects that I generally enjoy. For example; I love alternative music, I love meeting up with friends/family to drink tea, I like fantasy things and events, I love to read, collect sh!t, I like being creative like sewing and DIY-ing things to match my aesthetic (or something), I love to be comfortable, be a coach potato and so on. So while on the hunt for my new style I want to incorporate certain aspects from these fashion worlds with inspiration from fabulously clothed beings on social media. That’s the idea, so lets see how things go. I think just throwing away my rags is already an improvement (*no not you over sized purple sweatpants we will be together forever*).

From what I have seen from the fashionistas I stalk, euhm I mean follow, on Instagram, is that their style has evolved over time. Something that they wore that may have been humble beginnings have now evolved into cool unique styles. The more you dress in said style the better your outfits become over time. Some have become booming trends or unique fashion styles on the webs or in Harajuku, at least in my opinion! Some of these fashionistas are; Helen Anderson, Sarah Nyappy, PixieLocks, LovelyLor, Noelle Downing, Memz, HelloBatty, Misako Aoki, RinRin Doll, KotaWade, Kelly Eden, CathyCat, Jerianie, Queran Ruffles, Marilin Oda, and quite a lot more (like hundreds more…). All of the above mentioned differ quite a bit fashion wise but nevertheless they rock what they wear and wear everything with confidence. Which is something I aspire. I want to feel awesome and have a wardrobe to be proud of! I like pastels, I like decora, I like Gothic fashion, I like the vintage look, I like looking edgy, I like looking like a marshmallow princess yet I also love dressing basic and comfortable. Its like Im trying to wear everything at once now that I feel comfortable with fashion.

I like a lot of different styles, which is cool. That way I can switch up my outfits according to my mood. Aka Cat the chameleon! At the moment I’m just trying things out and seeing how I feel and look in them. I sometimes look up fashion recommendations from social media idols or look up inspo on Instagram and then try to find similar items locally or even make them. What I then like to do is something I call ¨fashion showing¨. What I basically do is, walk into a shop that I like and take loads and loads of clothing that I like or find interesting or would like to try out (this can sometimes add up to 30-40 garments) and try them all on. I make up whole outfits and sometimes even take shoes, tights and such with me from home to see how everything would work together. If I like something I pose and take lots of pictures which I then use as a reference for later (for myself or to show ma mum) or I post them onto my Instagram. This way I can try out an array of styles and clothing what I normally wouldn’t wear or couldn’t afford and yet be totally fashionable on Instagram (hehehe look at my ego go). I also get an idea of what suits me and I get to know some new styles. And to be honest getting feedback on your outfits really does boost ones confidence. One fashion collage I made was even shown on a Kawaii International episode! (Don’t know what that is? Click here!) That was pretty awesome to be honest! Bit by bit I then buy some of the items I tried on and gradually build up a nice collection in my wardrobe. I’ve already accumulated quite a few nice bits and pieces. Oh and by the way, Fashion Showing is lots of fun to do with friends or your mum!

To the Goals!

Lets get pear shaped! My mum and sister have been telling me for years that I should wear clothing that suit my body shape more. I have a small upper half and am bigger on my lower. At the beginning it was really hard, as I always wanted a plank like figure because thats what the idols I was following at the time had. Try to expect the impossible. I always wanted to have what they had and thought that if I didn’t I could never wear these beautiful styles as they just wouldn’t look right on me. But thats simply not true! Many of the people I follow on Instagram look awesome in said fashion styles and dont always have that plank-like figure. If they can pull it off why cant I?

Think pink! I’m not sure where this came from exactly, though I have my suspicions its related to Kawaii fashion, but lately I’ve been craving pink. It kinda started when I first started wearing Lolita a few years back. I remember I wore Sweet Lolita first and was curious about wearing pink but quickly transitioned to Classic and later on Gothic Lolita. I thought pink didn’t suit me and that it made me look pale and ghostly. But I’ve come to find that I just need the right shade of pink to make it work. And you know what? Pink really suits me actually, especially in contrast to my dark hair. So I’ve been trying to incorporate more pinks but also other colours into my wardrobe colour-pallet. I especially like the Decora style for this and really wanna try it out. Sarah Nyappy wears a cool combo of punk and Decora and I just love it.

Awesome unique outfits!! Wear confidence! When I browse the snaps of this website I always see so many different styles on people. Some really crazy and creative even. Some snaps I see I think ¨wow they really think out of the box and just wear whatever they want and don’t care what others think¨. They don’t follow the set trends, they make their own and I really admire that. I sometimes put an outfit together but end up not wearing it because its not perfect enough, doesn’t match at all and people might think I’m weird because I look odd. But I should really stop caring about what others may potentially think and wear whatever the h$ll I want. No matter how crazy or out of the box I think my outfit may be as long as it makes me happy then that’s good. That’s why I really like Harajuku fashion because everyone wears what makes them happy and that’s coming from people from a country that’s all about fitting the norm. I want to try more of a variety of styles and just see what works. I shouldn’t be afraid to wear what I want if that’s what makes me happy.

90´s Grunge and 2000´s fashion! I was a child and teenager during this time and I don’t think I was really into fashion then. I simply wore what I liked, as kids generally do. Looking back at some of the fashion from that time now gives me a lot of inspiration. I really like the styles and how lots of different patterns are mixed and matched. I also love the denim, the tartan and the many high-waisted items.

Lighter colours! Yes there are more colours other than black Cat. I’ve pretty much stuck to darker colours most of the time just to play it safe but the urge to go full on rainbow is hard to resist lately. I’ve been curious on trying lighter colours like white and off-white. I came across some amazing picture snaps of Harajuku fashion lovers that pull it off so well. I’ve tried on lighter colours before but always get the feeling it doesn’t suit me and makes me look ill. I haven’t given up yet!

Girly and cute! I don’t consider myself very girly perse, Id say I dress quite unisex most of the time. Though when I started wearing Lolita fashion I did discover a whole new girly side I didn’t know I had. Since then I have been trying to make some of my outfits a little more girly.

Skirts galore! An addition to the above really. I didn’t think they suited me at all but recently I’ve been watching Helen Anderson try out skirts and she had the same opinion as me. It inspired me to give it a go too and I must say I’ve been happily surprised. Skirts are cute and if I find the right cut they suite me quite well.

And whats this all going to look like? Well possibly something like this! Or maybe something completely different, who knows!