Dance dance as hard as you can!


Good beats all over, get up and shake that booty as best you can! Because dancing is fun and because you can!

Dancing is one of my favorite things. I’m not particulary good at it but its about having fun and it’s not like I going to perform infront of anyone, accept my own reflection, anytime soon. Watching video’s on Youtube of Japanese idol groups does make me giggle inside wishing I could do the same. Shh secretly I am an idol in the kitty and alpaca realm. This realm can be found around the corner and a skip over a few brooks in my dreams.

Im very fond of the Japanese style dances that I see online. Its very different to modern dance but to be honest I like it a whole lot more. It’s more unique and fun. To give you an idea of what I mean let me show some of my favorites! Possible future covers!