My Year in a Nutshell!

I’m going to be honest, my life at the moment isn’t on track whatsoever and I’m not at all prepared for 2018. I need some more time to get my skit together.

2017 started off quite promising and things got better and better as time went on. I managed to tick off quite a few goals on my resolutions list which I am very happy about. First to tick off was the new years dive in Schreveningen. On the 1st of January 2017 me, my boyfriend and thousands of people ran into the freezing water of the north sea. I felt so proud of myself and it felt so very refreshing (literally). It was the start of many more positive things to come. Later on in spring I attend my first Lolita meet in a few years which sparked my interest in the fashion again. I was really happy. When my work contract ended in March I took 4 months off to work on myself before starting a new job. I got very promising results. I found out about (intermittent) fasting and the Ketogenic diet around that time and implemented it into my life. I finally found my love for the gym and practiced mindfulness on a daily basis too. I haven’t looked back since. I have lost 15 kg since then, my skin has cleared up, I feel lighter, happier, my mental health has improved and I have so much more energy. I haven’t felt this great in years, if ever. I feel Im finally getting closer to being the real me and thats very exciting. In general I have learned so much on the subject of nutrition and how our bodies work this past year. It really is fascinating. I did two fasts, one being a week and the second being two weeks long and I cant wait to keep implementing them into my life. My mental health has improved a lot too over the past year. Things arent perfect, they probably never will be, but its great to see how far I’ve come. I was lucky to find a job closer to home that I really liked, though things didn’t turn out that great in the end and I lost my job. Nevertheless I have learned a great deal which I am thankful for. YouTube has been my biggest inspiration this year and has motivated me to make more content for my own channel. I still find the idea of putting myself out there scary but there is so much I want to share with people. Im hoping that in 2018 I will have more courage to spread my message. I did however make my first ever Lush haul video, which I am very proud of and Im looking forward to sharing my Japan videos soon.

I want to thank the following YouTubers for being there for me in 2017, even though not literally. These being Helen Anderson, Kelly Eden, BroganTate, Kota Wade, Kiera Rose, TaylorR, Sharla, PixieLocks and LovelyLor. Thank you for your amazing input and sharing of your lives. It inspired me so much and helped me through hardships. Speaking of YouTube, this year I sent my first pieces of fan-mail to some of my favorite YouTubers; Kelly Eden and BroganTate. Both fan-mail items where acknowledged or opened on video which made me incredibly happy. But one of the biggest highlights this year has got to be Japan. I was finally able to visit Japan again. The last time I went was end of 2014 and every year since then I was so desperate to go back. I had an amazing time this time round and my love for Japan has become even deeper. I totally fell in love with onsen,  I loved climbing mount Takao, I got to be on Kawaii Internationals show twice, ate the yummiest food, met up with my friend Cat again at the Harajuku fashion walk and loved exploring Tokyo. I cant wait to go again! Plus I went during the Halloween and autumn foliage season and it was breathtakingly cool. Not to mention celebrating Halloween in Disney was a dream come true!

Next to Japan I did a photo-shoot again, after many years. It boosted my self-confidence through the roof. It was such fun to do and I intend on doing many more in 2018. I have already partnered up with a photographer to do exactly this. Other honorable mentions of my year are my awesome Halloween themed birthday party, I met some really cool metal head friends from my boyfriend, I spent more time with my sister, spent more time with my boyfriend, had so many dinners out which were delicious, I finally got a PS4, I enjoyed even more soy matcha lattes (especially in Japan), I had some lovely friend moments, I went to the cinema often and watched some great films, I popped my Asos cherry, I got my hair cut short, I visited a lot of cat cafes (in and outside of japan), I met a new lovely friend, got a good fortune at the shrine in Japan, met Ariel at DisneySea, I found out that I do like olliebollen on new years eve, bought my first ever pair of mom jeans, I finally fit back back into my clothes, bought two new Lolita dresses, I cosplayed as one of the Nights Watch men from Game of Thrones, I went to CastleFest and had an amazing time, I wore Lolita more often, I finally broke in my DocMarten boots, I attended a KotatsuTV Japanese language course, I played a whole lot of video-games (level 80 Skyrim), I cooked and baked some amazing meals, I managed to send out all my Christmas cards on time , I managed to finish my Christmas shopping before December even started, I tried to be as kind to others and myself as much as I could, I now own enough throws to build a massive blanket fort, I fell in love with everything at Don Quixote, became the proud owner of my first car, and Im sure there are many more moments that made me happy this year that I am forgetting at this moment.

Aside from the good things I also experienced some not so nice things. Some of which had a pretty big impact on my life this year. I unfortunately experienced the ending of friendships. These shocked me and made me very sad, as I already have a hard time making friends and keeping them. On a positive note I guess I now know who my real friends are. Then in August things went downhill drastically. I was basically drifting on a high note through most of the year and especially during  summer so it wasn’t surprising that I was going to hit a decline at some point. What caused the downfall this time around was failing my driving exam. I had worked so hard and put so much time and effort into it and was so sure I was going to pass, but then didn’t. I hit rock bottom, or even lower if that’s even possible. Then to my dismay I failed the second time and recently also failed my third exam. Mentally all the stress of failing, driving lessons, loss of friendships, my mental health decline and nearly losing my job took a massive toll on me. I’m only now slowly recovering from it all but it’s going to take a while before I’m going to feel myself again. Regardless of these set backs I have to say that 2017 has been a pretty good year for me. Like I mentioned in my end of year post last year, I had no expectations for 2017 but  I generally had a good feeling about it. Things definitely worked out well.

Now as for 2018, I have a pretty good feeling as I have many fun things planned that I am very much looking forward to. I’m going to see if I can redo my driving exam one last time and if I still don’t pass I will postpone it until next year so that I can get my mental health back on track. Then I want to start some other projects that will help motivate me again. I also intend on traveling in 2018. I’d love to go back to Japan if I can but that all depends how things go financially as I already have a huge trip planned with my partner. We want to do a USA road trip. I have never been to America before and I’m really looking forward to it. We want to travel around California and depending on time and budget we also want to visit Florida/Orlando and visit all the parks there. Next to America I will hopefully be visiting Japan-Expo in Paris for the first time! A friend and I have been talking about it for a while now and really want to make it a reality. Visiting my family in England is also something I want to do. Last time I saw them was November 2016 and I miss them dearly. I actually want to make it a habit to visit them at least once a year if not twice. One big thing I have also planned this year is a drastic change to my work situation but more on that another time. I of course also have a list of resolutions/goals I have set myself for this year, one being going vegan. I used to be a vegetarian/pescetarian for many years then stopped for a year or two but now I want to go vegan. I want to go vegan mainly for all the many health benefits and the fact that I don’t really like meat or dairy anyway. I don’t intend to be a strict vegan though. I still intend on eating fish every once in a while if my body needs it, as I dont like the idea of supplementing nutrients though pills instead of just eating what I need. If you are interested in reading about my resolutions for 2018 check them out under the 2018 goals tab at the top of the screen.

Lets make 2018 awesome!