I finally cut my hair the shortest its ever been (in recent years). I really couldn’t be happier. Ever since I cut my hair into a bob, last year, I’ve been meaning to go even shorter and now it has been done. I feel my new hair really reflects my personalty. It feels so nice to run my fingers through it and feel just how short it is, especially in the back. My front half is a bit longer so that I have the possibility to play around with some styles.

They say that cutting ones hair has some kind of symbolic meaning. To me, I feel more myself with this new haircut. I’ve always been more of a tomboy anyway and I feel more comfortable with this length of hair. Not that I didn’t love my long hair, as I do want long hair again some day. My hair is just very thick and heavy and when it was long I couldn’t really do anything with it accept have it hanging down in my face, or in a ponytail or braid that would fall apart within an hour or so. It wasn’t ideal.

My new hair is the beginning to a new chapter of my life, a fresh start you could stay (oh so cliché I know). In the past I’ve felt stuck for a long time but now things are starting to roll again and I feel Im much closer to myself than before and Im a lot happier. Wow who knew that cutting your hair could be so therapeutic, but its true. I had my hair cut at Betty Boop Hair Salon, which opened not too long ago nearby. I normally have a different hairdresser, to whom Im usually very loyal to, but he´s gotten quite expensive recently and I really wanted my hair cut. Im glad I went to Betty Boop salon because I had a lovely experience there and I will definitely be going back there again. The hairdresser, Chantal, knew exactly how to make my vision a reality and I was super chuffed with the end result.

Future plans for my hair? Well, Im toying with the idea of dying my hair again. Its kinda contradictory as I have just recently gotten rid of all the dyed parts of my hair because I wanted healthy natural hair again, but the idea of dying it sounds so appealing. My hair-spiration for my haircut, and possible dye job, was Kota Wade. I really love her silverish hair Who is to say that it will suit me though? But I do really miss my green and purple hair. So who knows, only time will tell.