KotatsuTV Japan Summer Immersion BootCamp 2018

We hereby confirm your participation in the Japan Immersion 2018!

I cant even start to explain just how psyched I am for this. Its going to be awesomely, amazingly, terrifically fantastic! When KotatsuTV announced they were going to organise a summer camp all about Japan I just knew that I had to be a part of it. KotatsuTV is a company run by Nari and Shiro whom teach people Japanese, to put it simply. But its waaaaay more than just that. Nari and Shiro make the lessons fun as well as educational, you meet really cool like minded people while feeding your brain with all the Japanese and you get to learn and talk with real Japanese people. Which makes you practice what you have just learned and thats a great way to learn a language. I first came across Shiro and Nari when I signed up for Japanese lessons at the local Volksuniversiteit. Its basically evening school with lots of different course open for everyone. They have language courses, computer courses, cooking classes and so on. Shiro and Nari had taken their first classes there back in the day too. Years later the old teacher asked if they wanted to take over the course and the rest is pretty much history.

Nari and Shiro´s goal is to make Japan and the Japanese language accessible to everyone. Be it learning materials or lessons or even being able to go to Japan. Nari and Shiro want to build a bridge to Japan so that everyone can learn the language and go there.  Both have experienced just how difficult it is to go study in Japan and how expensive it can be (also for learning the language). Which results in a lot of people never being able to go or even learn Japanese. Shiro and Nari have big ideas for KotatsuTV in the future, like being the link between you and a Japanese company that wants to employ you or if you are a student and you want to study abroad or do an internship. KotatsuTV will be the place to be.

As for the Summer Immersion, its going to be a whole weekend event of FUN, great food, 14 hours of intense Japanese learning and, depending on your package, traditional cultural workshops such as calligraphy, a matcha tea ceremony, sake tasting and much more. Next to that there are going to be many more fun activities that have yet to be announced. I snagged myself the Diamond, aka Big Daddy, package with a lots of extra goodies and discounts too. Like a limited edition KotatsuTV Summer Immersion T-shirt!

The immersion really motivates me to pick up learning Japanese again. I think that learning any language should be fun and thats why KotatsuTV is bang on! They make it fun, accessible so that you get to meet many interesting like-minded people and you get to practice and talk to real Japanese people which will help and speed up your learning progress. Because if its one thing I have learned about learning languages is that you need to practice and talk in said language in order to understand and remember it. Once I’ve rounded off my current project I will start practicing again so that when the immersion comes around I hope to have at least a basic understanding, so that I can get more out of my immersion experience. Then, after the immersion, I want to continue studying, alone and with KotatsuTV´s courses. Hopefully I can then tick off my goal of being as fluent as I can be in Japanese before the year ends. So, 行きましょ!