A Cat´s Tail: A Cat in Japan


Its been almost a year since my last trip to Japan, and also a while since my last post here (my bad), and yes only now have I gotten around to making the intended montage video (again, my bad). Maybe it was meant to be for me to take this long because Im pretty proud of what I put together. Who knows what my video may have been like if I had made it sooner? I guess we will never know, but you will get to see how awesome my video turned out now (IMAO).

I was in Japan with my friend Jessie last year October till early November and we had a blast. It was both our second time in Japan and Jessie´s first in Tokyo. We did an array of activities like visiting an onsen together for the first time. It was one of my trip highlights though we felt a bit awkward about the whole nakedness beforehand. But once naked it was totally cool. It was like our friendship leveled up. Another highlight was visiting Mount Takao, which is just an hour or so outside of Tokyo by train. I felt totally zen being there. I like Tokyo but Im not fond of busy cities and being in nature at Mount Takao was ecstatic for me. I mean who gets to walk through a waterfall stream? Climbing the mountain and descending was such an adventure and I felt totally immersed especially with a trip to the local onsen after the mountain hike. It was so refreshing, inspiring and I was still in total awe as I sat in the boiling hot onsen looking up at the many stars in the sky among fellow female bathers. It was one of the best days of the trip.

A trip to Tokyo Disney resort is something not to be missed when in Tokyo. I visited Disneyland and this time around finally went to Disney Sea too. I loved Disney Sea, more so than Tokyo Disneyland, because its unique as there is only one in the world so its extra special! But my main reasoning was seeing Ariel’s Kingdom as Im a total fan girl of the Little Mermaid, which becomes ever so much more evident as you read along.  I had made quite the planning of little mermaid related things to do at Disney Sea, one of which (also the best part) was meeting Ariel herself! It was soooooooooo (yes so many o´s) amazing meeting her. My inner child, whom is not quite so inner, was bursting with joy and giddy! The experience was….no words even! I got it all on video so that I may remember that day forever, and a lovely photograph which was printed at the park (with stickers!). I think we spent most of our day in the Little Mermaid area but who can blame us it was gorgeous there. Ariel’s or Triton’s Kingdom was inside this big cave and I remember feeling like a mole when we finally went back up to the surface blinded by the sun. I wont give all the details of Triton’s Kingdom away as its special to experience for yourself but it was beautiful. One thing I recommend you must go see is Triton’s Concert in the Mermaid Lagoon. Its an amazing show and I was blown away and cried many tears of joy. 10/10 would recommend. We were also very fortunate to experience Disney Villains at the park which is quite rare but I basked in it. The parade Villains World was incredibly evil, MWHAHAHAHAHA! Hades himself even made an appearance which is also pretty rare. If you are interested in seeing the whole parade check out this video! It is GOOD! Maleficent is bad-ass but this isn’t anything new!

We were in Japan for Halloween and we spent the 31st at Disneyland. Which was the best decision ever. It had been a dream of mine to be at Disney for Halloween and to be there on the most spookiest day of all was spooktacular! I do think most people were at Disney Sea though because the Halloween theme was more prominent there. Regardless we enjoyed that it wasnt as busy and got to actually go on rides. For people who have experienced this Tokyo Disney Resort is mega busy. Busy is an understatement but if it is busy expect to go on only 2 rides during the whole day if even that. Tokyo Disney however is very photogenic and I  believe it was made for that purpose because there are so many photo moments and decor pieces just for that. There is lots of attention to detail which I really love!

There were so many cool things we did that I cant write about because it would make this post endlessly long but one thing I do want to write is about another dream coming true! I finally attended the Harajuku Fashion Walk and can I say IT WAS IN-CRE-DI-BLE! Ill leave it at that and leave a link to my video so you can see the rest of the fun things we got up to.