3 Different Fashion Looks

Im back with another post with video! Exciting! This time about fashion! like fashion, especially the unique quirky kind and I wanted to share some outfits with you. I call myself a chameleon when it comes to fashion because I cant stick to just one (and who says you have to?). Its fun and I like finding new unique fashion styles all the time. They inspire my own style, Chameleon Style. Today´s post and video is about 3 quite different styles that I have worn in the past. One being a classic Lolita outfit, the other a cross between cute and biker chick and the other was inspired by formal Kawaii (if that makes any sense at all). I think from all the looks I have worn my Lolita outfit the most and I still have so many occasions to wear it them all for. Take a look at the video below if you´re curious!