4 Things To Make Good Habits Stick: The Process is the Purpose

Motivation can really bite you in the bum sometimes. It does mine. I have trouble finding the right balance and keeping it as consistent as I can, knowing that my balance is in the imbalance. The past couple of months have been highs and lows, which to be fair isnt all that strange. Winter time makes most people feel meh. The lack of sunlight and vitamin D makes us feel more sleepy, down and sluggish. I happened to also struggle with sadness from the recent uncoupling of my long-term relationship. Things werent all that awesome and I wasnt in the right mood at all to do much of anything. So what did I do to make me feel better? Find out below!

What I found helped me a lot was to read and research, watch cat and Pewdiepie videos and ask for many hugs. A good cry can also save lives. Ive recently read some awesome books. One I very much enjoyed was Japonisme by Erin Niimi Longhurst. Erin talks about the Japanese essence of a balanced and happy life. Covering topics such as finding your ikigai, wabi-sabi, kinsugi, shinrin-yoku and more. These fed me wisdom on how I could possibly implement said aspects into my own life.

Here are some of the insights that I found particularly interesting and helpful on recovering harmony in body and mind. Yet still a work in progress and always it shall be, and thats pretty much the point. The process is the purpose.

Make good habits stick! Repetition, willpower and self-disicpline will be your guides. These dont come naturally to most people (guilty!). I used to doubt myself after failing time after time. But once I set my mind on certain goals, good things started to happen. Its all about forming the habit. Once you crack that you begin to do it without even thinking about it. Awesome right? I know its easier said than done but trust me on this. I wasnt happy watching endless series on Netflix (though binge watching How I met your Mother in 3 weeks was legend..wait for it…dary!), seeing my to-do lists grow faster than weeds and seeing friends achieve the amazing. And there I was sitting in my PJs all day, bumming around, loosing grip on my routines that I had already worked so hard on. Having dreams I still wanted to realise but somehow felt were impossible to achieve. I was blue, down and tired. And one day I was tired of being tired, so I decided to do something about it. To just do it! This is my mantra!

Self-love Its good to remember that things take time, dedication, sweat and even tears at times. Being kind to yourself is imporatnt here. You know you’re working towards great things, but its nessessary to take the time out of your day to relax and reflect on how you’re feeling too. Otherwise you loose track of being in the moment and end up burning yourself out (like I did and still do). I found that mindfulness and meditation is very useful. I like to use the incredible app called HeadSpace. It has enlightend and taught me so much already. Getting some head-space on a daily basis will help clear your mind. As will mindful bubble baths (or showers with Lush smellies), a flatwhite at your favorite cafe, time spent alone to recharge, a good old chin wag with a friend/family member or reading A Game of Thrones whilst listening to the Animal Crossing soundtracks in the background (preferably the ones with soothing rain sounds).
Reminding yourself that you can do it, that you’re worth it and that you’re awesome is the best thing you can do! And that its ok not to be okay sometimes. Be kind to yourself.

Accept that obstacles, bumps along the road and challenges will always arise. They’re inevitable, but in the long run they will make you stronger. This is something Ive come across a lot. Sometimes it can feel quite unfair seeing others have an easier time than you, but Ive come to accept that Im okay with a harder endeavor. That way I keep improving over time and it feels pretty good. Dont worry its okay to struggle. You are not alone. Everyone is fighting their own battles. Adversity builds character, it also makes us tenacious and our stories a bit more compelling.

Dream big or go home My dad once told me “Set your goals high. You might not reach them but you would have still achieved higher than if you had set yourself a lower goal.”  
There is nothing wrong with having, what others may see as, impossible dreams. I think its good to challenge yourself given that you remain realistic, but also kind to yourself. Achieving your goals and personal targets is ever so rewarding and builds confidence. I cant think of anything worse than comparing yourself to others. Been there, done that and its a drag. Its ever so unproductive and a killer for creativity.

To sum it up; thinking long term can make it easier. There are no quick fixes and thats okay. You dont want a quick fix anyway. Those things fall apart sooner than later and you want a solid, stable foundation. Once you have that you can be your own creative interior designer on how you want to shape your happiness.