Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!


Dear 2015, I had a bad feeling about you when you came around. You proved me right in many ways but nevertheless I am thankful for all that has happened this year. It has shaped me to be the person I am now and I wouldn’t want that changed regardless of how hard it can be sometimes. It gives me courage to be more positive about 2016.

I managed to see the positve side of 2015 this past month and managed to make peace with all that had happend. I learned a lot about appreciting what I have and loving the people I care most about. Looking back I’d say the highlights were meeting new wonderful people and strengthining my bonds with family and friends. They really made me realise just how lucky I am to have them in my life. This year was tough and I am ever so greatful for all the love and support I received and still am. There really is nothing more beautiful than that. It’s something very new and wonderful to me as I have always found social aspects difficult to grasp. Another highlight was that I think I found my inspiration again and that makes me ever so happy. I found out via listening to certain types of music and songs. Which is odd because I dont really feel I have a deep connection to music but people change and I will embrace it. I guess sometimes you need to bite into the sour apple to open your eyes to see so many other paths infront of you that you can choose to take. If that makes sense. I like to see it as the Ying/Yang effect. You cannot always have the positive otherwise there will be an imbalance. Expericing the negative can really help open your mind to a whole new world about yourself you didnt know exhisted. Change. It can feel good.I feel very glad to leave 2015 on a good note and with a happy positive feeling inside. It gives me alot of hope and things to look forward to in 2016.

Like every year I make a list of resolutions ( a very loooong list). I guess they are more like guidelines about interests and goals I have set for myself. Whilst writing them I reviewed my list from last year and I was very suprised to find that I had achieved alot of them, which is funny. I thought 2015 was the worst but apparently it was a great year for learning about myself and starting to try new things. As for 2016, I want to call it my year of learning as I have many things I’d like to learn this coming year. It will hopefully also be the year I start university and there’s a whole lot of learning involved there. At midnight on new years eve me, my boyfriend and my good friend Jessica burned our resolutions and goodbye letters as a tribute to leaving the old year and the coming into the new year. I got the idea from a former friend who told me it can be very sentimental to burn past memories in order to let go and look into the future. I really liked the idea and thought it would be a great way to say my goodbyes to 2015 and welcome to 2016.

Check out a little overview of my resolutions below. I have categorized them. I like to do that.

tumblr_lt6atrVP7I1ql1l0vLifestyle: Work on myself

  • Be more mindful
  • Continue to change and keep healthy lifestyle up
  • Get back to healthy weight and body
  • Get a job at Lush or/and Disney
  • Attend Disney auditions
  • Youtube and blog more
  • Become a mermaid
  • Get into university
  • Get a museum card and visit more museums
  • Visit more of my friends (expecially the ones that live further away)
  • Meet Youtuber’s I admire
  • Tell my friends I love them more often
  • Start modeling for fun
  • Read more books

tumblr_inline_n0ln6afkf71qk1or3 Places to go:

  • Attend Rufflecon
  • Attend Hyper Japan in London
  • Attend Hellocon in Finland
  • Attend the Japanese market in Leiden again
  • Have a bigger Christmas and New year (possibly abroad)
  • Go to Japan again
  • Attend a tea party abroad
  • Visit Paris again

tumblr_lt6atrVP7I1ql1l0vThings to learn: Education

  • Pass driver’s license
  • Pass my university entrance exams
  • Master basic Japanese
  • Learn to use GIMP and Photoshop
  • Learn to dance and dance more often
  • Learn more editing skills for Youtube
  • Continue learning about my WordPress blog

2729_dExtremes of the year:

  • Get my septum and nose pierced
  • Do something dramatic with my hair

thTea_Set_Icey_by_Ice_PandoraBuying/Saving goals:

  • Buy a PMD
  • Buy a mermaid fin
  • Buy a GOpro camera
  • Buy a Sailor moon selfie-stick
  • Buy way more Lush products
  • Buy a yukata/kimono
  • Buy a kigurumi
  • Save for Japanese language school
  • Save for my future home

th_th1_100217hpfamily204_mFashion goals:

  • Take more outfit pictures
  • Take part in more fashion shows
  • Dress better
  • Do more photo-shoots
  • Host more Lolita meet-ups

It may look like alot but nevertheless they are things I want to try, accomplish and to motivate me. So here’s to a great, healthy, fabulous and glittery new year! Have a good one!


Listening to songs from my Happiness folder on Youtube! Feeling the good vibes!

Happiness Folder