Inspired by 90’s Pastel Grunge Fashion

So I may have fallen in love with yet another popy, cute and edgy style. Lets add that to my vast pile of fashion styles I’m obessed with, there are so many. Yet everyone of them unique. Just how I like it.

For years I’ve been trying to find my identiy through clothing and its a never ending story if there is an end at all. I never feel like I fit into one certain style or that I can express myself fully through just one. I feel more of a lurker that floats around in a style for a while until I find another style I identify myself with. I really cant with just one. I NEED lots and lots to portray my diverse and complicated  personality. Sounds like a fashion sitzofrenic or fashion camelion to me. And on the latter one I’ve been donned with that name for most part of my life (not just fashion related).

But lets stay on topic. 90’s pastel grunge, I’ve seen many outfits with this style but I never really knew what to call it. It was alternative and I liked the way it looked but it wasnt until today that I finally found out what it really was. Never really put much thought into it I guess. I was watching a recent video from PixieLocks on Youtube, I really love her style, and she mentioned the style’s name. I finally had a name to a style that’s been growing on me for the past few months. I’d say Jillian (aka Pixielocks) is a great inspiration to me in this fashion genre. I also love that she has a body shape that I can identify with and that she wears awesome cute clothing too. Most of my life I had been really insecure about my body and clothing so I find it very motivating finding inspiration from people what are similar to me and are rocking their stuff while I’m siting in my oversized, very uncharming, attire. It gives me courage to be a better version of myself, through clothing at least.

I like the way 90’s pastel grunge looks. Its girly, yet edgy and flashy. To me its a cute way to dress to express my inner 90’s kid (I was born in 1990) and to share my love of cutesy, girly and creative things. I took a quick look at what Google had to say about the fashion style and I found the Urban Dictionary’s definition quite amusing.




  1. Sann
    2nd February 2016 / 12:45 pm

    Loving it 🙂

    • twinkle_bra
      20th February 2016 / 3:57 pm

      Im glad ^^

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