Women that inspire me: Part 1

I’m going to start a little series here about women that inspire me. There are a few, and I’d love to share my admiration of them with you. Possibly this will reach out to them giving them a positivity boost and make they feel good about themselves. Because each and everyone of them is amazing! In this post: The Glamour Rock and Roll babe Helen Anderson, the Kawaii Cat-obsessed Sharla and the Otaku Kawaii Lolita Senpai LovelyLor! 始めましょう!!

Helen Anderson: 

This woman is amazing. I follow Helen on YouTube and love her video’s. I first started watching her video’s when I coloured my hair silver/purple for the first time. She was pretty much my hairspiration.  I really love her personality, how down to earth she is and I feel I can relate to her a lot on a health, body and interests level. She’s an entrepreneur making awesome, helpful, funny and entertaining video’s about make-up, hair, fashion,  piercings, tattoos, her life, her band and music. Its so incredibly inspiring to see a woman living her dream through thick and thin. I look up to Helen and would love to meet her one day and be friends. Another funny thing is that she lives very close to a town that I used to live in in the UK. So I somehow feel connected and close to her in a way.

Helen has a unique, funky and cool fashion sense too. Its not mainstream at all and that’s what I love about it. She’s a mix and match of a bit of everything. She really goes her own way. I have gained so much confidence wearing the clothes I love because of her. I am forever thankful. Whether in a great outfit with full on make-up or in a purple unicorn onesie without make-up she´s always glamorous and beautiful! Oh and did I mention she has the cutest little doggy Lola. Man I love this woman!

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Sharla (Sharla in Japan):

For those who don’t know me, unless you read my ¨about the author post¨, I am a Japan aficionado. It started one day and it has grown immensely since. I also love Youtube, and if you combine both of these you get Sharla in Japan! I came across Sharla´s channel whilst looking for information about Japan. I instantly fell in love with her channel and binge-watched all her video´s in order to feed my inner Japan-obsessed-soul. First off Sharla has such a lovely voice to listen to. She sounds so down to earth and kind. I love listening to her. If I could have a Tom Tom navigator giving me directions in her voice I could die happy.

I love all the content of her Japan videos as well as her other videos about her life on her other channel Sharmander. She just has a knack of choosing great topics that are interesting and educational as well as fun, cute and hilarious. I always look forward to a new video. Sharla´s obsession with cats is so adorable and I love her being a friend to all felines and fan of any cat merch. Her cat Maro is the cutest and I love how he is featured in some of her videos. I´d like to think he and my cats would get along. OMG cat-date! Sharla is so fun, pretty and cute and I love watching all of her adventures. I would love to be a part of them. Ha maybe one day when I go back to Japan. Keep being cute Sharla!

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NOTICE ME SENPAI! <3 <3 Yes mayor girl crush! But I’m sure its obvious why. Let me tell you:

She is cute, beautiful, amazingly awesome, loves Lolita fashion, has a great sense of humor, is addicted to pastel and creepy cute, is an Otaku girl with awesome hair, not to mention has an awesome personality, has the best hobbies and is my biggest inspiration for fashion and make-up and I wish we could be friends! She started her Youtube channel portraying her life, hobbies and adventures! I one day came across her channel and it was love at first sight!  I first heard about Lor through her ¨Shit Lolita´s say¨ videos. I wear Lolita myself and thought her videos were very original and hilarious. I loved her references and many funny comments on Lolita community life. She was the one who got my looked on the Tro-lo-lo song, which has pretty much taken over my life and that of many other friends. I love how Lor isn’t afraid to be herself and do what she wants. Its very inspiring and she has given me confidence to just be me regardless of what other, not important people, say. I love Lor´s style! Its just as diverse as her personality. I got to know her through Lolita fashion (which she rocks) but she pulls off other Kawaii, creepy cute and Goth styles just as well. She reminds me of myself on that note, she´s like a chameleon because she can pull off so many looks. I would really love to meet Lor IRL one day, it would make me so happy. Stay lovely Lor because your the loveliest.

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Disclaimer: None of these photos are my own. I do not take ownership of any of them. I am merely expressing my admiration of these people and showing beautiful pictures of them. Nothing more, nothing less.