Women that inspire me part 2

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Another wonderful post about the lovely people that inspire me, give me hope, I look up to and that I feel I can connect to. So without any further ado 始めましょう!!

Hello Batty (Kat)

She is my idol. I really like HelloBatty because she is so weird and amazing. She isn’t like anyone I know and is quirky. I love that about her. We share so many interests and personality traits and that really connects me to her. It would be a dream come true to meet her one day, how awkward that may sound and all. I love Kat’s style. Its the perfect mix of cute and creepy. Just how I like it. She a Halloween lover which is, may I say, awesome. Shes also very much known for her beautiful coloured hair. Its her and Helen Anderson that inspired me to colour my hair. Another hairspiration idol! I like that she is different in the way she dresses and her personality. It makes her so much more interesting in my opinion.

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Sandra (Sandra no Sekai|Carandra)

I’m not really sure how I came to know of Sandra but I think it was via Sharla on Youtube. Sandra then made video’s about her life in Japan and I was interested in anyone who shared their life in Japan in order for me to get some insight on that topic. What I like about Sandra is that she is your ordinary girl with life problems (as we all do) but with a twist. First of all Sandra has one heck of a style. She’s into body modifications, tattoos, and has obscure and fun interests when it comes to fashion etc. I generally really like people like this. They stand out and are true to themselves even though their style/interests aren’t mainstream and they remain confident.sandraFollow Sandra on: Youtube  Facebook  Instagram Caraandra


I’ve been following ALB (Angelina) for quite a few years. I started following her because of her OG attitude for positivity and standing up for yourself. To me she was basically that little Jimminy Cricket telling me to stand up for myself if I was in a situation that wasn’t beneficial to me or if someone was teasing me. Over the years she has toned down a bit and shown her soft side too. And what makes her even better is her HAIR! When I think pink hair I think of her! She’s also a creative bee. She has a separate channel on Youtube dedicated to her art stuff. She does wonderful artwork and its so fun to watch her ASMR videos of her making them.albFollow Angelina on: Blog Facebook  YouTube  Instagram

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Disclaimer: None of these photos are my own. I do not take ownership of any of them. I am merely expressing my admiration of these people and showing beautiful pictures of them. Nothing more, nothing less.



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