Survival Guide on Self-Care


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I recently read a lovely and ever so helpful article about something that’s actually very important, especially to me.

It was about self-care and it really enlightened me to take more care of myself and give myself a break every now and then. I’m already quite aware of the concept of self-care but still struggle to adapt into my day to day life, but this article gave me some great ideas of how to incorporate it even more. The article referred a lot to the cute side of things but it can be adapted to any person’s likes and interests. So I thought I’d do my own take on this and give you tips for things I find help me out a lot when I’m blue etc.

When feeling melancholy and blue;thTea_Set_Icey_by_Ice_Pandora

Breathe! Number one thing to do. Concentrate on your breathing and you will come to find that you neutralize yourself very easily. It will also distract you from feeling down. I find that mindfulness really helps me here. Another good thing to do is to go for a walk. Fresh air and other surroundings around you does wonders. It may be hard to get your butt out there at first but once your out there you’ll feel much better. While you walk just stop thinking and look around you. Notice what you see and even say them out out if it helps you to concentrate on that. When feeling down and thinking negative you can forget about the small lovely things and you forget to see the beautiful things around you. On the subject to go for a walk maybe give your walk a destination like the library (if you like books), a café, a game shop, or even the supermarket to get yourself some lovely fruit. Which brings me to the next part. Your diet really plays a great role when it comes to our mood and bodily well-being. I find when I eat bad I feel bad, lethargic and sad. But when I eat clean and healthy my body feels great and I feel a lot more positive. It helps choosing as many colourful and vibrant coloured fruit! What I also like to do is treat myself to something. It can be anything like a day out, some light shopping, do some baking/cooking, DIY something to make it cuter and happier looking, buy/borrow a new book and so on and so forth.

When having trouble concentrating; tumblr_inline_my2fu8Sz9i1r63cto

Its time for a distraction. When I cant concentrate any-more (like at work) I try to give myself a little distraction. I like to then watch a few YouTube videos or read a few pages from a book. I feel this gives me good balance. We work most of the time and it can make people feel drained and sad because you spent so little time on the things you want to do(been there). Have a snack (have lunch). Maybe you need to refuel yourself and in this case take the opportunity to leave your workspace to eat your lunch/snack outside in the fresh air. It really helps you wake-up. You’ll find when you get back to work you feel a lot more alert and energized to get back to work. It can also help doing something creative to pep you up and motivate you. Watch a movie! (probably not at work though 🙂 )

When having a panic/anxiety attack: th_th1_100217hpfamily204_m

Breathe! When in a busy crowd and there’s just too much going on around you and your on the verge of hysteria, try and get out of there as fast as possible and find a calm place. The close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Or if you cant get away and happen to have someone with you simply hug them tightly whilst burying your head in their chest. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. You will notice how quickly your heart-rate will drop and you calm down. You will start to feel more comfortable and at ease. I tend to feel a little dizzy afterwards so take your time before releasing your side of the hug. Apparently being “squeezed” really helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Hopefully these tips can help you out and if you should have any questions you can always comment below or contact me via the contact page.

Here’s a link to the article I mentioned if your interested: Parfait Doll

Have a wonderful and positive day!