Ear Candy: Melanie Martinez

collage melanie martinezI came across the awesome song called the Doll-house from Melanie Martinez quite a while ago without noticing just how cool and amazing the rest of her music was. It was literally only last night that I listened to more of her songs and fell deeply in love with them.

I knew who Melanie Martinez was through friends and other Instagrammers spamming Melanie outfit and make-up/hair looks all over the place. I had been curious about her for some time but thought she was some kind of “thing” so didn’t dig any deeper (ha Princess and the Frog pun). I guess I gave her the benefit of the doubt last night and checked out her songs and it was the best thing I ever did. I really love her style and choice of subjects in her songs. I admit she makes them sound a little babyish especially in some of the video’s but it makes it ever so much more interesting to look at and listen to. Its not mainstream and I like that. God I sound like such a hipster.

Her music, style, video’s and art also really remind me of Alice video game. I’m referring mainly to the second version, Alice returns, here. If you play the game, especially the last level about dolls and such, that vibe makes me think of Melanie Martinez. Not sure if that was intentional or not but it works, so very well. If you don’t know the game what I mean is that the style is very cute but sinister at the same time. Pretty much similar to Creepy Cute or Kowaii Kawaii.

melanie_martinez_by_hohoemii-d97alunAs far as I can tell I’m into a lot of her songs from her album Cry Baby. Some of my favourite one’s include but aren’t limited to are:

Before knowing just how awesome her music was I heard that there will be a concert in Amsterdam. I really wanted to go at the time but I knew nothing of her music so I didn’t buy a ticket. As far as I know its already sold out which is a shame. I would have loved to have seen her live. I guess it will have to wait until next time. I’m quite content just listening to her songs at home for now.

Check out some of her songs by clicking a song above.