Ear Candy: My Favourite Disney Songs Part 1


And if the non Disney songs post wasn’t enough, here’s my favorite Disney songs. I’m a Disney fan in my heart and choosing just my top few was hard as I see magic in every single song. Even hearing the parade songs in Disneyland makes me cry every time. Oh Disney what have you done to me?! Because I cannot choose a few I will split these posts into a few parts! So without any further ado here my first top Disney songs.

The Princess and the Frog – Friends on the Other side

The Little Mermaid – Part of your World

Tangled – When will my life begin

Princess and the Frog – I’m almost there

Mulan – Make a Man out of You


A Goofy Movie – Stand Out and Eye to Eye

Tarzan – Strangers Like Me

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, there is still more to come! One Disney fan to Disney fan there never really is enough Disney.