Women that Inspire me Part 3


Another wonderful post about the lovely people that inspire me, give me hope, I look up to and that I feel I can connect to. So without any further ado 始めましょう!!


I found out about Cat through Youtube when searching for cute Lolita meet-up ideas. I stumbled upon a video from Cat at a Lolita meet-up in a zoo. It pretty much went on from there. I really liked Cat’s quirky personality and fun challenges. She was down to earth and really cute. Someone I’d love to have as a friend, and that dream become a reality in 2014 when I traveled to Tokyo, Japan. I had the chance of meeting Cat there. We had a lovely dinner with a group of other Lolita’s and made some awesome purikura’s afterwards. Me and Cat traveled back to Ikebukuro station on the train and I was so sad when I had to say goodbye. I felt I connected so well with her as we have many things in comment. For instance we share the same name, we’re both German, have lived in the UK and love cute things and Japan. I hope to see you again soon Cat. Keep doing what you love and loving what you do!

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Taylor aka TayTay

I love Taylor’s down to earth personality and how she shares her life so openly with the world. Showing that we’re all pretty similar and full of insecurities but also strength and love. Not to mention Taylor’s awesome at health related topics. I love her vegan recipes. I’ve even tried a few myself. My personal favorites are the vegan peanut-butter chocolate cookies. Heaven on earth! She inspires me greatly to try more healthy foods and to be a healthy. May I also add that TayTay is hilarious! She makes the weirdest videos but they´re all so very entertaining to watch. My personal favorites are the trending videos she makes. I was big fan of the Christmas eyebrows and nose lash extensions! She definitely is a trendsetter! Taylor also has a cute teacup poodle called Rosie. She’s so adorable. I’m not really a dog person but if I was to have a dog it would definitely be one like Rosie. She’s such a darling dogie. Taylor´s life in a very interesting one and I always look forward to her videos to see what she has been up to!

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Princess Peachie (Ruth)

Princess Peachie, aka Ruth, is one of my first Lolita inspraitions from when I first stared getting into Lolita fashion about 5 years ago. Peachie is known for her cute and bubbly personality and her videos on Lolita on a budget on Youtube. She a MS sufferer who is pretty much confined to her flat, but she doesn’t let that distress her. She’s sunshine on earth. Literally! Her personality sparks and glows so much! I really respect her for that. Shes even doing school but then from home and has cutified her home into a cutesy Valhalla of pinks, vintage toys, Lolita, artwork, and much much more cute galore. I love how Peachie is herself online and doesn’t put on a persona, like I normally see online. She’s genuine and sweet and probably a lovely person to meet. Her projects her personality through her sweet style clothing, which is either Lolita fashion, decora fashion, party kei etc. What ever she wears she looks amazing and cute! I’d love to meet her one day and maybe talk about cats and rabbits!

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Disclaimer: None of these photos are my own. I do not take ownership of any of them. I am merely expressing my admiration of these people and showing beautiful pictures of them. Nothing more, nothing less.




  1. Queen of S2's
    4th September 2016 / 11:24 am

    I love princessant Peachie so much! She’s a breath of fresh air in a Lolita community that only seems to care about brand and fame. I also learned everything I know about rabbits with her! ♡♡♡

    • twinkle_bra
      4th September 2016 / 11:27 am

      I’m so glad she could be such a great inspiration to you! ^-^ She really is a lovely person!

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