All about my Lipedema | Lipedema Series


This is something quite personal and fragile a topic I want to talk about today but it’s something I would like to share and help others with too. I know there are more out there suffering from this. After searching the online community I found a lovely YouTuber who has really opened my eyes about this matter. This matter being Lipedema. You may have heard of it or not, but I’m assuming you haven’t as its not really talked about and not many people know about. To explain what Lipedema is I advise you watch the video about it by Steffi (the Youtuber I was referring to). She’s German but has recently made a English version of her info video on Lipedema. To me it answered so many questions after having had a consultation with a medical examiner recently. You can find her video here.

I received my official diagnosis in December 2016 and was very glad. So many unanswered questions were now answered. It was like the missing piece of a puzzle had been found. I have been suffering from consistent Lipedema symptoms for about 12-13 years now. My mother is also a sufferer and I most likely inherited it from her.

It all started when I hit puberty. I always felt I was fat and that my body was out of proportion. My lower half is basically 4-5 sizes bigger than my upper half. You can imagine how weird, frustrating, upsetting (the list goes on) that is and not to mention how odd it looks. My clothes never fit property and my self-confidence, well it was flushed down the toilet. I basically walked around with these feelings for years, and still am now and the fact is my Lipdema symptoms are getting worse and wont ever go away. There are certain therapies for it, as Steffi mentions in her video, but the only really effective method is liposuction in which all bad fat cells are taken away.

Sure I’ve thought about liposuction often before as a teenager but I always thought that I wanted liposuction for selfish reasons (it being cosmetic surgery and all). But the truth is I just want to feel better and more comfortable in my skin. I want the pains to go away and for me to be me. I feel imprisoned by my Lipedema. I stops me from doing certain things and being confident. Which has bought me many depressed moments in my life thus far.

As mentioned above I went to see a medical examiner but to be honest it was a plastic surgeon consultation for liposuction. I don’t want it to come over as desperate or bad but I really want to get this surgery. I’ve wanted it for years after having tried to endlessly diet and fitness without any change. The rest, unaffected, parts of my body would loose all the weight but my Lipedema infested areas would never change.

So, just as Steffi, I would like to document my Lipedema experiences and journey here and on my YouTube channel in order to spread awareness to people going through the same. I think its important and could help a lot of other Lipedema sufferers! Or even people who know someone who has Lipedema. This blogs core value is being a happy place but also a place to help others, and by showing you my experiences I hope that its that that I’m doing. My way of contributing.