Women that inspire me part 4

Another wonderful post about the lovely people that inspire me, give me hope, I look up to and that I feel I can connect to. In todays post; Steffie the knowledge babe, Cassey the lifestyle and exercise mama and the kawaii Kim. So without any further ado 始めましょう!!

Steffi (Myra Snöflinga)

I came to know of Steffi through YouTube when searching for information about Lipedema. I have recently been diagnosed with this illness and her YouTube channel had so much information about the topic. Its because of her that I pretty much went and got my diagnosis. She’s a German YouTuber and I love how informative and fun her video’s are. She gave me a good insight on what Lipedema is and what to expect before/during/after the liposuction sugeries that are needed to cure Lipedema. I remember being very scared about the fact that surgery (and that more than one) would be nessessary to cure me. But through her video’s seeing how everything is done I have become brave enough to go through with it. Through her I also met Dr Heck, who is a renound liposuction surgeon (specifically for Lipedema) and will most likely have my future surgeries done by him. I am ever so thankful and happy to have found Steffie and she has helped me so much. I would love to meet her one day to thank her properly for all she has done for me even though it was indirect. She’s a wonderful, positive person and I can only recommend her video’s for anyone seeking help about Lipedema.

Steffie doesnt make video’s anymore but is still a strong member in the Lipedema communiuty in Germany. She creates awareness to help fight the health care system in order for us all to get the help we need. She truely is amazing! Not only that, she is also very beautiful and fun and has a wonderful voice too.StefficollageWTIMFollow Steffi on: YouTube  Twitter Instagram

Cassey Ho (Blogilates)

Im not really sure how I stumbled upon Cassey but I think it was via the YouTuber Michelle Phan. I had read Michelle’s book and she talked briefly about exercises to do at home to keep fit. I wasnt enough to cleanch my thirst for more info so I then searched some more on YouTube and came across Cassey’s channel. I loved it immediately. Her video’s were funny, fun and creative. I was especially fond of her cheap clean eats video’s. Soon after I also bought her book, Hot Body all year round to deepen my knowledge on food and our body even more.

I admit I havent tried alot of Cassey’s exercise video’s, mainly because Im not so active, but she does empower and inspire me to be a better version of myself. Bit by bit Im getting there, Ive even done her beginner’s calender and loved it. So I will get there in the end. I’ve recently bought her PiTT and 24 day reset plan and will be starting with that soon. I even went and bought a jewel bottle and mermaid croptops in order to do my work-outs with Cassey in style. She really is at the top of her game. She’s pretty, has a great personality and is ever evolving and thats really inspiring.

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I love Japan and so does Kim. I started following Kim on YouTube a few years ago when looking for Youtuber’s to follow who share their adventure’s in Japan. I liked Kim especially because she is into cute fashion and make-up/beauty. I love the brand Etude House and she often makes tutorials using their products and gives reviews of them which in turn inspires me to try them out too. Kim also travels a lot and watching her video’s has inspitrecd me to visit so many places in Japan. I have a whole bucket-list of places I want to visit on my Odigo page, which she introduced me to.

Kim has a lovely upbeat and cute personality and she looks and sounds like someone fun to hang out with. It would be cool if we could ever meet up and hang out. We could maybe go catch Pokemon or shop at Etude House together. Right now Kim is living in Japan and it’s totally inspired me to want to do the same. Not forever but maybe for a year or so.Follow Kim on: Blog Facebook  YouTube  Instagram

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