My Ideal Trip to Tokyo for October 2017!

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As mentioned in my “about me” page you may have seen that Japan is a big interest of mine. Hence this wonderful post! I wrote it a while ago on an older blog but I have revamped that version a bit and wanted to post it here. I personally think its a great guide to things you can do in Tokyo that are cute, cultured and food related.

So to describe my ideal trip to Tokyo ¨a la moi.¨ Well I’ve been to Tokyo before when I was really into Lolita fashion but I came to a realization that frills was just one of the many wonderful things to do/buy/experience there. I remember when I made my first planner it was full of Lolita things to do. When I actually arrived, ate, slept and breathed Tokyo I was soon shown a whole new world. The Lolita aspect was a wonderful experience but there are many more wonders in Tokyo. So my ideal trip will include aspects of Tokyo Japan which are cute, amazing “and” delicious. This guide was made for my upcoming trip in 2017!

First off lets talk when to go, flights and a sleeping spot(s) for the trip. This is always the most exciting part I find. By the way, I am a perfectionist and it literally took me days/weeks to research the perfect deals, times to go to Japan for, locations to stay in, hotels and airbnb´s, so I could get really detailed. You have been warned.

Duration, when to go to Tokyo and flights:

I definitely want to stay for at least two weeks and in the month of October. Tokyo´s Autumn season is beautiful and awesome plus I love Halloween so that’s where that came from. Exact dates? Well I was thinking something among the lines of leaving for Tokyo on the 16th of October and arriving on the 17th between twelve and four in the afternoon. By the time I get into Tokyo it should be around five or so. That gives me enough time to head to the airbnb, get a bite to eat, relax and go to bed. The reason I chose to arrive later during the day is because I want to overcome any jet-lag. Jet-lag just really sucks. The first time I went ,I arrived really early in the morning and suffered greatly from it. I thought I would really tire myself out during that day and would have a great sleep but that didn’t happen. I was so sleepy the whole day long and when it was finally time to go to bed I was wide awake. I hope that by arriving later and going to bed sooner my body will adjust much better and quicker. I would return on the 2nd of November. Enough time to relax after Halloween partying and enjoying sneak peaks of the Christmas decoration. I would like to fly with ANA (All Nippon Airways). They are a Japanese airline that offer you the Japanese experience through food and customer service on the flight. To me they had the most comfortable looking planes (with good leg room and a lot of comfort), great food (Asian and western style) and they have great prices. I haven’t flown with them before but I am already greatly impressed by reviews from other travelers. Their connections in Europe are quite good too.

With whom Id go and where to stay:
Well Im planning on going to Japan with my best friend Jessie. So it will be just the two of us. We would share a lovely Airbnb apartment together in preferably in the Toshima/Ikebukuro area. I stayed in Otsuka, which is close to Ikebukuro, previously and I loved the area. Its quite central but still very quiet and reserved. The area was also quite residential which was really nice. Plus its connected to the Yamanote line, which gets you pretty much to most of the central attractions in Tokyo or connections to the other places.
We all know that Tokyo is known for its compactness therefore small and compact everything. When it comes to a place to stay its fine if you’re by yourself in a tiny room but with the two of us we at least had to have some space for privacy and suitcases, There would be more than just two. This reflected my choice in Airbnb. If you haven’t heard of Airbnb yet I suggest you really look up their website. They have great accommodations for every occasion and person. They´re not hotels. Its basically a website where people, around the world, rent out their homes etc. But this can differ in many ways. You can either rent just a room from people, or stay in a share-house (where you have your own room but share the other facilities) or you can have a whole house/apartment  to yourself. The latter one was my first choice though staying at a share house sounds like a lot of fun too.
Even though I like the idea of trying out the tatami cultural experience I think I would prefer a western style bed in my apartment. Sleep is holy okay?!

So we’ve covered the basics. Now for things I would like to do, see, taste, buy, etc.

~”Kawaii” Things to do and see~:
Like I’ve mentioned before there is so much to do in Tokyo. There are endless possibilities and each more interesting and diverse than the other. I’ve already done some major sightseeing last time I went so I wont be mentioning everything. I’m going to mention the following in a list style. I feel this will be much easier to read.

Visit Tokyo tower
Go to Disney Sea and Disneyland
Visit a cat cafe
Visit maid cafe’s (Maid Dreamin and @Home Cafe to be exact. Moe Moe Kyuuuunnn ♥)
Visit a butler cafe (Swallowtale)
Attend a Lolita/kawaii fashion meet up in Lolita/kawaii fashion
Go to a Kera snap shot (hopefully be chosen for the mags)
Attend the Harajuku fashion walk!
Attend an autumn festival or have a picnic in the park to watch the autumn foliage
Go on a boat trip in Asakusa
Visit korea town Shin Okubo.
Play pachinko (Kamekazi girls style!)
Visit the different parks in Tokyo (I really loved the parks last time I went. Pure tranquility in the middle of the city.)
Temple/shrine visiting (Best part of the holiday. I’m in love with Japan’s culture and visiting temples/shrines feels so pure.)
Visit Yanesen  (its a district in Tokyo with lots of shrines and is a great place to stroll and there are loads of cute CATS!)
Ikebukuro Sunshine City ( For shopping of course, visiting the planetarium, aquarium and namjatown which is an indoor theme-park.)
Visit Odaiba and Tokyo bay
Do a bike tour (I love to cycle and doing a tour in Tokyo looks like a lot of fun. Tokyo really is a cycling city anyway. Reminds me a lot of The Netherlands where I live.)
Of course I need to climb Mt Fuji san (not very likely to happen on my trip in October though)
Visit and relax in lovely hot springs (onsen and sentos which are public bath houses) (Id like to try out some of the ones on the outskirts of Tokyo. I’ve heard they are very beautiful, there is also the Ooedo onsen monogatari )
Visit Kyoto for a day via the shinkansen (Visit shrines, temples and Gion and stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan.)
Visit Sanrio Puroland  (of all the cutest places to go! To be immersed in cutness and kira kira shinning stars.)
Do tons of Purikura (This is so much fun to do! My goal would be to do it whilst wearing Lolita or other really  kawaii clothes)
Do a Lolita transformation at Maison Juliette (You know Misako Aoki´s booth in Laforet? I saw this cute pink booth last time but I was way too shy to go in. This time I will go and go full OTT.)
Do Karaoke (this would be so much fun to do with a group of friends.)
Visit the bunny cafe in Harajuku (BUNNY BUN BUNS ♥♥.)
Visit the new Monster Cafe (because I love myself some creepiness.)

Do a kawaii kimono transformation at Kawaii Kimono in Harajuku (You get to walk around Harajuku looking fab)
Oh the list could go on..

~To taste and savor the flavor forever~:

Ive tried my fair share of foods and drinks in Tokyo but there are so many things I still want to try and also retry.

Ramen ♥
Curry rice (I so desperately wanna try this!)
Any izakaya food (Izakaya is a Japanese pub which serves small traditional Japanese foods, snacks and drinks.)
Try more convenience store food (you would be surprised of how good the food is. Stores include but are not limited to 7Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson and more.)
Drink adventures from the vending machines (they are so practical and fun. I loved buying drinks from these. I felt so sad when I came home to normal boring vending machines that are not on every street corner.)
Eat good sushi from a Japanese conveyor belt
Eat at another Alice in wonderland cafe (I’ve been to one before in Shinjuku and it was awesome and so cute.)
Eat at the lock up restaurant (because why not?)
Eat at one of those specialty cafes with themes like Pokemon, PomPom Purin , Sailor Moon or even Funashi themed ♥‿♥ (the Funashi one was at Parco when I was there but the line was sooooo long.)
Eat that squid dish (The dancing squid with the soy sauce. Okay this may sound disgusting to some but I would love to try this. Don’t know what I’m talking about, then Google or Youtube it.)
Try some weird ice-cream flavours.
Try more tea flavoured things (Japan loves tea flavoured anything. For instance I really loved Starbucks’ matcha frappe chino. It had such a unique flavor. I also heard that Dunkin’ Donuts does some great matcha and earl grey flavoured donuts too.)
Halloween inspired foods and drinks (because its October in Tokyo and you gotta go with da flow. But seriously have you seen some of the foods and drinks they sell in Halloween theme? OMG to die for!)
Soba (Yummy yummy yummy.)
Okonomiyaki (there´s this one restaurant in Harajuku where you get make your own. That sounds so cool.)
Melon pan and An pan (My personal favorites ♥‿♥ .)
Curry pan
Takoyaki (Tiny little octopus balls. Sounds kinda yucky if you say it that way xD.)
There are tons more foods Id like to try but the list could go on and on and on and on.

~Buy-Ikura desu ka?~:

Drop a grand on brand. Haha! First time round I was actually really careful with my money. It literally took me 3/4 days before I made my first purchase, besides from food obviously. I had the grand in my pocket the whole time but was so timed because I didn’t want to waste my money on impulse buys. And the funny thing was when coming back I still had 500 euros spending money left and my suitcase was 6 kg lighter for some reason too. Curious, very, curious.

Visit Closet Child to buy Lolita and otome style clothing (Of course.)
Stop at Bodyline to buy SHOES, SHOES AND MORE SHOES!
Any cute clothes store for clothes (In Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara and anywhere where my eyes see cute clothes!)
Plunder all the Disney stores in Tokyo, Land and Sea (Big Disney fan! Guilty as charged!)
Make-up and beauty products ( Totally captivated by Asian beauty products and make-up. Brands like Etude House are so cool. Asian make-up is so cute. Plus Lashes are awesome too. They have soooooo many different kinds and brands.)
Daiso! (For any random needed stuff! I remember being at the Daiso in Harajuku haven heard it was huge but actually thinking it wasn’t that big at all. Only later (when I was back home) did I find out the store has a whole other floor down stairs…-_-. Man I felt stupid. Well next time I will explore more.)
Souvenirs (For all the family and friends back home. Id love to get some of the realistic plastic foods. They look so delicious.)
Instax camera film refills (Lots and lots of these. I remember there was this one shop I totally adored located in Ikeburuko, Shibuya and Akihabara. They sold really cute house-hold items, stationary, instax cameras, ornaments, tons of anime and manga, phone cases, key-rings and the list just goes on and on. That was my favorite shop in Tokyo. It was called something among the lines of Van Guard? I’m not sure anymore.)
Stationery (oh please don’t get me started on stationary in Japan. Its is soo adorable. I just wanted to spend all my money on it but realizing I have so much at home already. If I could have I would have dropped a few grand on stationary alone *gets all emotional*.)
Swimmer (I have a customer card from them cause I bought loads of stuff from them previously. They sell such cute and practical stuff. Their bags were my favorite. I have a thing for bags. Can never have too many different themed, coloured and shaped bags.)

I think its really funny that this list is the shortest of all three. Haha. Maybe that’s the reason I came back home with so much money to spare.

Every day would be an adventure but I wont forget to relax every other day in an onsen/sento of course. There has to be a nice balance. Waw if all of this was possible then Id be a mega happy little lady. Well one can dream and I find that if you dream bigger you may not get that one dream but you would still get better than if you dreamed more realistically. I like to be creative and positive like that. Or at least I try to anyway.


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