Women that inspire me Part 5

InspirationalWOmen part5

Another wonderful post about the lovely people that inspire me, give me hope, I look up to and that I feel I can connect to. So without any further ado 始めましょう!!


Abi caught my eye when browsing YouTube for dancing video’s. I started following her shortly after she went to Japan for the first time. I really liked the style in which she filmed her trip. It always looks like a lot of fun and everything looked really cute. Abi herself is also adorable, pretty and has such a bubbly personality. Her trips inspire mine to be similar just because it always looks like she has a lot of fun and makes everything look so damn cute. Abi wears cute make-up from brands that I like too. Brands like Etude house and Dolly Wink. Just watching her shop, shop shop in Tokyo is hilarious.Abi collageFollow Abi on: YouTube  Instagram Facebook

Kelsey Ellison

Like Abi I found out about Kelsey while browsing YouTube for dancing video’s. Kelsey really is at the top of her game here. She truly is amazing at it and I really enjoy watching her. My two favorite dancing video’s are this one and this video here. She is unique in style and in personality. I would love to meet her in real life. She sounds like so much fun to hang out with. I also loved watching her video’s when she went to Japan for the first time with AbiPop. Those two are amazing together. Kelsey is so kawaii and her voice is awesome. She comes from up north and has a northern accent. I just luv it.Follow Kelsey on: Youtube  Facebook  Instagram Website


Jessie is my friend and anything I can say about her is very positive and wonderful. I met Jessie about two years ago, even though it feels like much longer, when she first came to visit me for my Lolita Halloween party. We clicked instantly and became great friends. Jessie is hilarious! I´m always laughing my head off about something she says, does or imitates. Jessie is a YouTuber, blogger and model and I really love her videos, they´re cute. Not only is Jessie an awesome friend, vlogger/blogger, model she also has her own shop where she creates cute accessories and cosplays. She really has an amazing amount of talent and you should check her out. I feel very blessed to have Jessie in my life and feel very connected to her. Its just a shame we live so far apart (UK-NL) but we try our best to see one another at least once a year. Jessie your amazing, beautiful, kind, have an awesome awkward sense of humor and I love you so much for that! You inspire me and I wish we could hang out more often!

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Disclaimer: None of these photos are my own. I do not take ownership of any of them. I am merely expressing my admiration of these people and showing beautiful pictures of them. Nothing more, nothing less.