How to make Pumpkin Spice!


I happen to live in a country where pumpkin spice doesn’t really exist. You may be lucky to find it in some specialty shop but most of the time you wont come across it outside of the US. Because I’m such a lover for the cinnamon scent and warm tastes of Autumn I thought I’d make my own pumpkin spice mix. I made some last year for the first time and I pretty much incorporated it into a lot of my meals and desserts as well as a lot of my baking projects. I remember the lovely vegan pumpkin pie non bake cheese cake (waw that’s a mouthful) I made. It was wonderful and it definitely wouldn’t have tasted as good without the pumpkin spice mix in it! If you

Its actually quite easy and quick to make. Here’s the recipe:


6 TBSP of cinnamon

4 TSP of ground ginger

4 TSP of ground nutmeg

3 TSP of ground all spice berries

3 TSP of ground cloves


Prepare a little bowl or mixing container, a TBSP and TSP and a air sealed container to store your spice mix in. I used an empty spice container for mine. Just mix all spice well together and voila there you have it. Put all the spice into your empty container and store in a dry place.

You can use the spice for any desserts, cookies and cakes. You can even add it to your own Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL).