2016 Year of Growth, 2017 Year of Transformation


2015 rushed past me but it seems that 2016 was over in a flash. Before I even stopped to check my calendar it was already December. Where did the time go? I guess there have been so many things going on this past year so it just flew by. This year has been full of challenges. There were many ups and downs but overall its been a good year, looking back at it now. Things have definitely improved a lot since the year before and that is what I had hoped for in 2016. Its far from perfect but its heading in a good direction.

I’d like to recap some things that bought me happiness, things that I have learned, achieved and done this past year to remind me of my achievements and happy moments. The biggest achievement of 2016 definitely was that I got a job. Not only that but I got a job that I love. It’s not my dream job but I have the best of colleges, a great working environment, big chances to grow within the company and I love the fact that I leave the house every morning looking forward to going to work. I’ve never had that before, ever. I’m so thankful for being given this opportunity. Also the thought of little to no financial struggles is bliss. It lifted a great weight off of my shoulders.

This year I’ve been inspired by a lot of different people, especially on YouTube. These people helped me get through 2016 and have become my idols. I look up to them and they help me become a better version of myself everyday. I’ve started writing a series of “Women that inspire me” posts. You can read about my idols there.

This year I finally got the support that I needed from my town’s congregation which really helped boost things in my life. I basically have two coaches that help me out with work and life things. If not for them I wouldn’t be where I am today and I am so greatly thankful for everything they help me with. It was hard to accept that I needed help at first but it was for the better.

This year I started driving lessons. Which means, once I get my licence, more freedom to travel and a lot more convenience for other things like going food shopping (instead of doing everything by bike) is guaranteed. Driving lessons have also been my greatest challenge this year. I aced my theory exam but I find driving very hard. I’m not going to lie I never look forward to my next driving lesson and its hell on earth to me but I try to suck it up as much as possible and do the best I can. I’m just a slow learner. Hopefully everything will be over and done with soon so that I may eat the fruit from my labor this past year.

This year was also the first year I went on a proper holiday with my partner. We went on a road trip to the south of France, Monaco, Italy, Austria and Bavaria (Germany). I would like to state that I detest beach holidays but that I was glad to have given it the benefit of the doubt because I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. It was like a whole new door opened up for me. I was so mesmerized by all the beautiful scenery I laid my eyes upon and we had so much fun and ate the most delicious food. I would definitely like to go again because it did us both good.

My year as been quite mindful too. I tried to live in the moment as much as I could and having a positive attitude as much as possible. It helped me feel better a lot of times. I read a lot about being mindful and happy too. Via the Flow magazine. I recommend it to everyone. Its so inspirational and bring you back to your core self which a lot of the time you need when your in a life crisis.

This year I noticed that I’ve been reading a lot more again. I read quite a few interesting books from medical books to books about life. I hope to read a lot more this coming year. I already have 13 set aside to read. My goal however will be at least 20 that have been read by end of 2017.

On the contrary to 2016, I have no prejudice feeling for 2017. To be quite honest I have no opinion about it at all. I just know things will be okay.  I’m hoping that fruit from my laboring of this year will blossom. I have also set goals for myself and want to invest more into myself and hope to achieve successes and happiness in return. I have made a list of my goals below:

Keep eating healthy and continue exercising
Start a beginners dance course (I’ve always been fascinated by dance and I’ve been meaning to give it a try)
Try out a mermaiding course (Wanted to do it this year but didn’t get the chance so lets hope 2017 will be it)
Go to Japan again
Find more balance in life and gain more confidence
Do new year’s dive
Finish my driver’s license
Lose weight
Have my 1st lipedema operation (consultation is set for January)
Attempt PiTT and 28 day reset Blogilates again
Cycle as much as I can
Go swimming on a regular basis
Do more with fashion and make-up ( find a fashion identity)
Find more happiness in 2017
Get into photo modeling again to gain confidence
Try out singing in a band
Do more with my YouTube channel and blog
Spend more time with my sister and my friends
Read at least 20 new books (maybe even re-read a few good ones)
Well that wraps my 2016 up. It was nice to go down memory lane to recap the things of this past year. Now lets hope things are even better in 2017! See you all next year!