Monthly Favorites January

I’ve always wanted to do a favorites post or video and I think I will make it a monthly thing here. I always love reading about or watching people talk about their favorite things. Everyone has their own unique style of doing it. I personally love writing in a list style as I feel its more clear and orderly. I’m just weird like that. So lets have a look at my favorites this month.


-Make-up: I’ve been wearing make-up a lot more regularly than usual. I made it a resolution of mine for me to convey my personal style through make-up and fashion. I’ve been loving my BB cream compact from Etude House, my Essence colour correcting powder as my base. I keep it it pretty simple and just add some base eye shadow/highlighter, mascara and some lip balm. On days when I feel a little more fancy I put on a bold lip colour too. I generally have very sensitive skin so I am very cautious with what I put on my face and how often.

-Hair: I had been washing my hair twice a week for a while and I felt it was greasing up too much too quickly. So I decided to only was my hair once a week with either my Lush shampoo bar or my Balea vanilla and raspberry shampoo. I have also stopped using conditioner. Its done wonders for my hair. Now my hair isn’t as greasy, only 1-2 days before my wash day, and it feels and looks great.

-Body: I’m all for cruelty free and vegan/vegetarian products and I can see that my body benefits greatly. So I mainly own only Lush shower products, namely the shower jellies because they’re so long lasting. My favorites are Snow and Santa’s Belly this month. I’ve also been using this organic coconut butter which has been doing wonders for my skin.

-Face products: Face masks have been a highlight this month. I’ve been using these really nice ones from Balea and my sister gifted me some Hema face masks for Christmas and they’re some of the best ones I’ve tried so far.

I’ve also started a no soap month using only Lush’s Ultra Bland, as I felt my skin was too dry. Ultra Bland promises when using it for a month that your skin should be balanced back to health. So far so good. In combination to that I also got myself Ocean salt scrub from lush that I use once a week and I really love it. My skin feels renewed after use and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

As for skincare moisturizers I’ve been sporting Bebe Young Care’s Relaxing Care day and night cream and I have to say that I really like it. It really moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling nice and soft. I use this one at night mostly as I want a thicker moisturizer for when I sleep.

And last but not least my helping aid, which I really can’t leave out this month, my trusty friend TCP. It’s an antiseptic liquid that cleanses wounds. I use it when I have a zit out break or can feel a cold sore come on. This literally kills it. Man I love this stuff.

Food-Slow Cooker: My mum gifted me a slow cooker aka Crock-Pot for Christmas and this is by far one of the best things I have ever owned. Just thinking about my Crock-Pot now makes me happy and giddy of joy. I love cooking but I also love practicality and having a slow cooker is the most practical thing ever plus you can make great food with it. So far I’ve made a vegan bolognaise, a veggie chili and an Indian curry with it. I LOVE MY CROCK-POT.

-Juicer: Another handy kitchen tool, you really gotta love them. My sister gifted me this a while ago and its the best. If you have old fruit and veg left you can easily make a healthy and tasty juice with it. I use my juicer in combination with my blender when I make myself lovely nutritious smoothies. I’ve also made so lovey apple juice. Its just so easy to use.

-Soup (oyster soup): I love love love love oyster soup. My friend from Curacao got me addicted to it. So much that I decided to make my own at home and I”m not lying when I say I had the whole soup pot to myself. Oyster soup is soooooooo good! I combine lots of veggies and mushrooms with it and its perfect. Cant wait for my next batch.

-Banana and peanut butter: A healthy and tasty snack. I have come to like bananas again. I loathed them for years but for some reason bananas have been a highlight in my diet this month. Then add peanut butter to the mix and you get a lovely melange of flavor.

Tech favorites

-Lightworks: I’ve been working more on making video’s this month and the program I use is called Lightworks. It a Linux video making program and very good one at that.

-Whatsapp web: My partner showed me this the other week and my mind was blown. I remember thinking ” wouldn’t it be handy if Whatsapp Messenger could also be used on your PC? So that when you get a message you didn’t have to look at your phone when your on your PC typing away already anyway?” Well apparently it does exist. You visit the website whatsapp web and then use your Phone, you have an option on your whatsapp app to scan the code and voila. Best invention ever!

Books/read favorites:-Dromen durven doen: Roughly translated as “Dare to make your dreams come true.” A great book about making your dreams come true through adapting your attitude. The book gives you tips on how to achieve your dreams/goals. This book is only in Dutch as far as I know. But its the first of many books that doesn’t just philosophize about making your dreams come true it actually shows you how to do it.

-Driving theory book: I’m learning how to drive at the moment and have driving lessons. I have a practical theory book that helps me prepare for my driving lessons. I read a chapter or two everyday. It’s a good and easily understandable book but I cant wait until I have my licence. Hopefully in March.

Favorite song of the month?

-Cant stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake (Movie Trolls)

Favorite movie of the month?

-Trolls: It was a random choice of movie, but I mainly chose to watch it because it looked so colourful and I’m very glad I did because it’s a fantastic movie. It was quite unique too and I didn’t see that ending coming (no spoilers). All of the music was so cool and one of them is a favorite song mentioned above.

-The Revenant I love Leonardo’s films and I really liked this one. I now understand what about this movie made him earn his first Oscar. I really liked the camera filming style. Great angles and I loved the different styles. Some times it looked like he was just vlogging basically but that way it came over very realistic. Very well done movie I really do recommend.