Why I love…books, dolls and biology!


Books are a source of knowledge. Be it something scientific or fiction all together, they give us something that we can use and treasure. My dad used to read to me and my sister when we were young and that pretty much where it all started. I´m an introvert and the typical stereotype is that we love to hide behind a book. Not too unrealistic, as I know many an introverts that love to read and prefer to read a book than socialize, me included. My favorite things to read are biology/medical books and online articles, fantasy books, lifestyle blogs, travel books and blogs.

Health and lifestyle (biology):

I´m always looking for ways to improve my health and lifestyle to either be healthier, more environmentally friendly etc. I believe that improving ones self is always a good thing. We live in phases during our life so its only natural to improve yourself over time right? I´m just fascinated by our bodies and biology. There is so much to learn and still so much we don´t know. If I had known sooner that I dig this kinda stuff I would have become a professor of biology and do research the rest of my life to help mankind (mind you still a possibility).

Monster High (Dolls):

I love collecting things, have always collected something (no I´m not a hoarder). One of my favorite things to collect are dolls though I wouldn’t really call myself a doll collector or doll enthusiast. You wont find me at doll conventions either. Maybe its the fact that I just love toys and dolls are toys really. At the moment I go gaga for Monster High dolls. I just love their diverse creepy aesthetic. They stand out and fit well to my creepy passions. My favorite types of monsters are sea/water monsters, ones that look odd and unique or are a greenish/grayish/blueish colour. At the moment I have collected two mermaid monsters (Sirena von Boo and the two headed mermaid Peal and Peri), the sea monster (Lagoona Blue), the swamp monster (Honey Swamp) and the Lochness monster (Lorna McNessie). The others are Abbey Bominable (daughter of the yeti) and Skelita Calaveras (daughter of Los Eskeletos). I would say that my Skelita doll is very unique. She basically is a skeleton doll who is pretty creepy cute. Next to collecting the dolls I´m a huge fan of the movies and video series. You should totally check out their most recent movie ¨Welcome to Monster High¨. Its a really good film if you love creepy and cute things.


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