Kawaii Pyjama Fashion

Those that know me well, know that I spend about 95%, if not 99%, of my time in pajamas. I’m always telling everyone that if it were more socially accepted to wear PJ’s all day round for work, social events etc I’d be the biggest trend maker out there. I then find this incredible video by Kawaii International and my mind was blown! (Video can be found below).

Oh Japan, why do I not live there? Designer’s there are always coming out with the best of fashions styles. Styles that you couldn’t really wear here (Europe) without people staring at you or yelling something at you for wearing it. By the way this doesn’t stop me from wearing whatever I want. Plus I do occasionally go out wearing PJ garments.

I’d say that my PJ clothing is a lot more versatile and in alignment with my fashion style than my actual clothing is. Which I guess most people think is strange. To me its normal as I like to spend most of my time inside anyway. I’m an indoorsie person. I like being comfortable, I like soft, warm, loose and fluffy textures and my PJ/roomwear clothing is exactly that. I also have an array of different styles and colours. I hate tight fitting clothing and have big problems as my skin is over sensitive so its literally painful for me to wear a lot of everyday clothing. The first thing I always do when I get home from work is take off all my clothes and slip into something loose and comfortable and cute too.

I love that, as mentioned in the video, roomwear is normally very cute in Japan. Its very girly and princessy. In day to day life I wouldnt say I portray this image very well but at home I do 100%! I just feel more comfortable in my PJ/roomwear and looking cute at home. This may have to do with my confidence to some degree. I have very low self asteem but when I’m alone, at home, I wear what I want and dont have to worry about what others are thinking. I am working really hard to gain more confidence in order to be more open, including in the way I dress. I would really like to wear my PJ’s out more for fashion and my goal would be to wear my PJ’s style fashion in Tokyo one day.

In the video they mention the latest trends in roomwear/PJ’s and even mention a few places you can buy cute pieces. Do go check it out. I really love Kawaii International. Their shows are so fun and informative.


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