Kawaii Home Ideas

When your dream of living in Japan among all the Kawaii things is just so very far away, the best way to feel a little closer to Japan and the Kawaii life is to decorate your surroundings with it. Decorate your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen and even your bathroom.

I love searching the web for inspiration on how to Kawaii-fy the home. I like my surroundings to reflect my inner personality, even though my home at the moment isn’t reflecting much of that. I live together with my partner and he doesn’t dig the idea of pastel coloured walls and tea cosy’s everywhere. So I just decorate my desk and the wall on my side, which he already finds too much. Oh well, I cant help loving cute stuff. I can only imagine what my home would look like if I lived alone. Well lets just have a look now. What if I did have my own place, what would it look like? Probably a mess most of the time! Kidding, check out my mood-boards below because mood-boards are awesome!

The Bedroom:


Kitchen in Pastels

The Bathroom:


The Living Space:

Living room

The Office Space:


I would also like to add that Kelly Eden is the godmother when it comes to Kawaiifying your home. Her home isn’t called ¨The Doll House¨ for nothing so do check her out!

And an updated version!

Thanks for reading and have a sparkle-tastic day!