Lolita Fashion Spring Inspirations

I’ve liked the Lolita fashion style for at least 10 years now and had actively been wearing it at least 5-6 years or so. Though the last two years I totally lost my love for the fashion. Reasons? Well, I was going though some dark times and I just didn’t feel comfortable in my Lolita clothes anymore. I felt like a triangle being forced into a circle. I just wanted to sink into a deep hole and be left alone but Lolita fashion does quite the opposite. You really stand out from the crowd and people are generally very interested in you. Either way I dropped the fashion and sold quite a bit of my wardrobe too. I just wanted it out of my sight because it made me sad looking at it every time I opened my wardrobe. I had moved on from Lolita or so I thought. To my surprise about a week or so ago I felt this little spark. I thought nothing of it at the time but a few days later I found myself looking at Lolita dresses and coordinate pictures and reading up on old Lolita posts making me feel nostalgic and missing the good old times. Just the other day I even started a new ¨Wish-List¨ of dresses I would love to own in a Facebook album. I felt really happy of the thought of Lolita and got excited about wearing frills again. Today I managed to piece an outfit together for a picnic this Saturday and even tried it on. I felt so good wearing my frills and my mum was so shocked and happy to see me wearing Lolita again.

All this got me inspired to make a Lolita spring inspiration outfit mood board and I wanted to share it here. Spring has officially become one of my favorite seasons and its the best excuse to create some spring inspired Lolita looks. If I had the money I would love to make these a reality, but hey we cant have everything. I´m just happy that my love for Lolita Fashion is back along with love for more J-Fashion styles that I had grown interested in in the time that I was out of Lolita. So without further ado here are some spring inspired Lolita coordination’s.

 Dream Marine

 Promenade de Paris

Powder Rose

Fantastic Dolly

I hope you liked them. I´m sure many more will follow in time. I´m not going to think to much about the future of me wearing Lolita more often or not, but instead bask in the happiness that I have at this moment in time.