My Favorite Skin Care Products | Part 2: Beauty Kitchen

I found out about Beauty Kitchen not too long ago. I was casually browsing my local Holland and Barrett and noticed the Beauty Kitchen display, which was new. The items looked really cute, were all cruelty free and free of bad crap. Which is always a treasure to find. I had been looking for something to cleanse and exfoliate my face with for ages that was natural and not harsh on sensitive skin. So I picked up their Green Tea Facial Konjac Sponge and I haven’t looked back since. What is a konjac sponge you may ask? Well a sponge made from konjac, which is a perennial plant consisting of 97% water, is rich in minerals and is pH neutral and leaves skin perfectly balanced. 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable, this moisture rich plant fiber is mixed and handmade into Beauty Kitchens sponges with natural water filtered through volcanic rock. Ever since I’ve been using this, my skin has improved so much. It no longer dries out after I have cleansed before applying moisturizer, which always felt so unpleasant. My skin is also a lot smoother, clearer and it absorbs my facial oils a lot better and quicker too.

Which brings me to my next favorite Beauty Kitchen item, the ¨Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil.¨ Sounds cute right? The packaging is too! This is my holy grail! I am not able to live without it now and if it were to be discontinued I would hunt the last remaining stock till the end of my days. This stuff has done wonders for my skin and I can only recommend it to others. My sister´s a big fan too (whom I have convinced of course). The oil is full of natural minerals and good stuff for the skin. I´m always very hesitant putting moisturizers or oils on my skin that aren´t natural or full of perfume. This oil however is scent free, isn’t too oily, and feels lovely on the skin. The item claims the following (which of course attracted me to buy it in the first place): 100% natural, biologically proven micro algae and plant extracts, for sustainable beauty. Starts working in 24 hours to:
Prolong your skins natural youthful appearance, Smooth and sooth problem skin, Stimulate your skins elasticity, Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Hydrate and protect your skin against environmental damage.  All sounds too good to be true in some ways and I did have my doubts at first because a lot of beauty companies advertise their items this way. But somehow Beauty Kitchen sounded very genuine. They reminded me a lot of Lush Cosmetics, whom I´m a big fan of. So before purchasing I went online and did my research and I was delighted to see that this company had all the right intentions and I very much believed that their products were of excellent quality and cruelty free (always a plus). After haven tried the facial oil I can safely, and with much enthusiasm, say that this is the best facial oil I have ever used, ever! In combination with my konjac sponge my skin has improved so much in such a short period of time. And yes within the first 24 hours I noticed quite a bit of a difference. My skin immediately cleared up, became baby bum smooth and had a wonderful glow to it. Even my boyfriend complimented me on my very radiant skin which, as we know men, is very unique a thing to occur. Beauty Kitchen recommends the combination of the oil and their face moisturizer, but being the poor lass I am, I couldn’t afford both. It is however something I will purchase in the future as I really like their products.

Another product I would like to boast about from them is their ¨Pink and Pure Himalayan Salt¨, no not the kind you put in your food. Basically its pure mineral salt for skin health, which give your body a full body detox and a younger feeling you. It claims to be re balancing, revitalizing, supports joint flexibility, is a muscle magician, it re-mineralizes, is an instant detox and is food for the skin. You use it in your bath to say it simply (you can also use it as a salt scrub). You run your bath water and put about 250 grams in and swish through the water until it has dissolved. They say the more you put in the more of the benefits you will receive. Himalayan salt contains 84 of the possible 92 trace minerals found in our bodies. It has been used for thousands of years as a 100% natural super remedy for just about everything. Beauty Kitchen says that it works just as well as Epsom Salt, Magnesium and Dead sea salt combined (which mind you is pretty good stuff too) but their salt is PINK which looks a lot cuter ( and better in my opinion)! I first started using this when I was ill with the flu, and this stuff worked wonders on me. I felt so rejuvenated after my bath, plus my skin felt really nice too. From the moment I took that bath I recovered from my flu within just a few days. The salt comes in a 1 kg bag and I bought two at the time and have nearly finished using both. I would say to put at least a quarter of the bags contents in each bath (which is about 250 grams). So you can roughly get four baths out of one bag. I will most definitely be repurchasing this item and have already promoted it to family members suffering from joint pain, who were equally as interested.

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