I can be a mermaid?


I am in love with anything magical, especially mermaids! I mean can you blame me? They’re elegant, mysterious, beautiful and colourful. Im so obsessed that I even want to become one. Talk about reverse Ariel syndrom. But its actually possible without having to give up your voice to a (sea) witch. Does the term mermaiding ring any bells? Well it didnt me at first until I did some research about it. Turns out that mermaid schools exhist. Basically these are schools where you learn how to swim with a monofin and aparently its an actual sport too. There are two types of monofins one is less smooth but helps you swim really fast. These are normally used for the fin-swimming sport in which they dont wear the pretty tail. The other is a more smooth one. These fins make you swim slower but swim for longer. They are also really easy to swim in. These fins come with beautiful tails in all the colours of the rainbow.

Mermaiding has become qutie popular and I really wish they would have had this when I was a kid. I was pretty much a fish out of water and know that I would have loved it. But that’s not stopping me from reaching for my dreams! Come 2016 I will be joing my friend, who is already a mermaid, on a finfun adventure in order for me to become a mermaid too! Ahhh dreams do come true afterall! But until then inspired mermaid outfits and overwatching YouTube video’s of mermaiding  will have to do.

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