Women that inspire me Part 6

Another wonderful post about the lovely people that inspire me, give me hope, I look up to and that I feel I can connect to. So without any further ado 始めましょう!!

Kota Wade (SteamFaerie)

I stumbled upon Kota, aka SteamFaerie, while searching ye olde YouTube for make-up looks for Monster High characters. I´m always on the look out for alternative or unique YouTubers that interest me and suit my aesthetic. Kota fit the bill, 100%. One of my favorite make-up transformation video´s of hers is her Monster High Abbey Bominable look. Its so creative plus Kota gives the look her own unique twist. I think Kota makes a great Abbey Bominable, though I would say Kota has a sweeter and softer face. Speaking of looks I think Kota is very beautiful. I love love love her eyes and tiny cutesy lips. Her face is very unique and pretty and I just love her outrageous hair. She used to have longer hair but is rocking the short hair at this moment in time. Even though I’ve gone short before (not as short as Kota) she does greatly inspire me to cut my hair short and it dye all in shades of purple and lavender. That colour suits her so well and compliments her skin wonderfully. I love how Kota has a cute, fairy-like side and a edgy goth/punkish side to her (fashion/music/etc). She reminds me so much of myself. You really cant have just one style and she combines them so well together. She really is a fashion inspiration to me. Also from videos of the Fellowship of the Rainbow she looks like a really lovely person and I would love to know her. She seems cute, quirky and funny. Kota also has an amazing singing voice and performs with her band Bad Wolf. She writes her own songs. I really love her lyrics. They are very deep and meaningful.

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Michelle Phan

There is so much I want to say about Michelle. Where to start? The first thing would be that she has been such a huge inspiration to me on many levels; be it beauty related, life related, knowledge related and so on. Michelle was the first beauty guru on YouTube I ever followed. To be quite honest I think Michelle was the first YouTuber I ever followed. Because of her I finally started using YouTube on a whole new level. I fell in love with Michelle´s personality, she seemed like a friend and that comforted me as YouTube was a place I could withdraw to and sought out for creative inspiration. Michelle was there when I was down and showed me just how I can be the best version of myself. Its because of Michelle I started getting more and more into make-up and beauty. I remember the video she did on how to apply eyeliner for beginners. Till this day that is how I do my eyeliner. She basically taught me and I am ever so thankful because I love wearing eyeliner! Her video on hair curling with a t-shirt is also a trick I still use today. She´s taught me stuff that I will most probably teach my kids. I loved watching Michelle’s creative make-up looks and even tried a few, this also goes for trying beauty products she talked about and that is how I signed up for Ipsy. Its her own brand that lets you try make-up via a monthly subscription Glam-bag. I can only recommend Ipsy as I have found out about so many cool brands. I found out about Urban Decay for instance and its one of my go to places for mascara now. I was crazy for Michelle. I stalked her YouTube channel hungry for new videos, I bought her book (finished reading it in one day), I bought products online that she recommended which I ended up loving too, I even bought myself some make-up from her make-up line EM cosmetics. But one day it all died down. Michelle wasn’t uploading anymore, EM cosmetics wasn’t really being updated and everyone heard less and less from her as time went on. I was so sad, Michelle was like a friend. So I kept re-watching her old videos to cheer myself up and that was okay, for a while. Only recently has Michelle come back. There is something different about her. She seems like shes grown a lot and become wiser. She made a video explaining why she had been absent, and I nearly cried. You should go watch the video (here) as it is such a clear representation of life and finding happiness. I totally understood her, though not haven gone through the exact same experiences as her, but nevertheless I understand and sympathize with her. Michelle if you ever read this know that I think you are strong, amazing and a beautiful human being! Life has its ups and downs but they are part of life and make you who you are! To me you are a great inspiration!

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Kelly Eden

Crazy, Kawaii, pink hair, dream home, cute fluffy companion, Final Fantasy (Sephiroth) fanatic, equals…Kelly Eden. This pink cutie gal is my current fave on YouTube. I just love Kelly. Her aesthetic, pastels EVERYTHING, she is just amazballz. Kelly is from LA and makes videos about her Kawaii life. Videos that are about make-up, fashion, cosplay, lifestyle you name it. Even though I am not drenched in pastel coloured clothes (most pastels don´t suit my skin tone ;_;) Kelly still inspires me to be Kawaii and cute. I wish I could pull it off as well as her. Kelly always makes my day and I love her energetic, funny and bubbly personality. She seems like someone, if I were ever to meet her, that I would have as a friend. I think we would get on well together. It would be amazing if I could ever meet her. Kelly is an artist and paints amazing still life of many Kawaii things. I would love to commission something from her one day. She is so talented and I really look up to her. I find it amazing that she has such a successful YouTube channel, is self employed and lives the life she wants, even though she suffers from mental disabilities. I feel quite connected to her on those levels. She inspires me to work hard to follow my dreams of also being self employed in the future. She lets me know that life isn’t always rainbows and candy but that there cant be many dark times too and I just love how she keeps doing what she loves. Kelly you are such an inspiration. Kelly has also recently been named Kawaii ambassador for Kawaii.i, which is a Japanese (in English) program that spreads awareness of Kawaii around the world. I think Kelly was the best choice and I think she will do many great things. She will even be going to Japan in Sept/October. Thats so amazing! I cant wait for her videos on that! My idol in Japan what could be better than that? Okay now I sound like a stalker.

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