My favorite Skin Care Products | Part 1: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I love Lush! I have always loved Lush and I will continue to love Lush! Lush is a fresh, cruelty free, amazing brand that makes beauty products. They started off just selling soap and they were very unique in that niche as all the ingredients were very thought through, fresh, organic and of good quality. My sister had told me about Lush many years ago and strongly recommended them. Ever since visiting them then I have never looked back. Lush does wonders for my skin and is pretty much my go to place for beauty. Its also the place I always end up coming back to if I´m interested in other beauty brands. I have quite sensitive skin and Lush is the perfect remedy for me as everything is natural, not full of crap and nourishing. Plus Lush is cruelty free which is an added bonus as I do prefer buying products that are cruelty free and from companies with good ethics. Check out my favorite skin-care items below and read about me raving about them.

This stuff smells AMAZING! It smells like popcorn cake in a tub! Its so good that I could eat it. I have that with quite a few Lush items actually, but all jokes aside this is a bomb of a product. A few years ago my sister bought this item when it first came out, around Christmas. It was supposed to be a Christmas only item for a limited amount of time but everyone loved it so much that it became a permanent Lush family member. For years I thought that this cleanser was waaaay to harsh for my skin but after much convincing from my sister, I got myself a tester to try it out, and oh my did I love it. I´m going to be honest and say that it was a little harsh on my skin at first, but nothing major. After haven used it for a little while my skin got used to it. When my tester ran out I didn’t purchase my own tub until very recently (like a week ago). I basically forgot about it and after some time I got myself another tester and found that my skin type had changed quite a bit. It was still sensitive but more on the normal skin type side. I can now use it daily without any problems. I usually use it after haven worn make-up. First I use my trusty Ultrabland, which I will talk about in just a bit, and once that´s washed off I use the cleanser to make sure all make-up residue is gone! I love how Let the Good Times Roll makes my skin feel really soft and nourished. It basically hydrates my skin with all the lovely oils it contains. Let the Good Times Roll is made from maize flour, polenta and has a popcorn topping (yes actual popcorn, I know right?!). Its a fresh cleanser for the face and the body, and is very easy to use. You take a little amount and add a little bit of water, then mix it in your hands until it has a paste like consistency and apply in circular motions to your face. I like to let it sit about 2 minutes and then rinse it off. I really recommend people to try this product, I’ve heard from so many people that its their go to cleanser!


I use this little gem to remove my make-up. I love oil based make-up removers as they are so not harsh and drying on skin. I hate the idea of stripping ones skin of natural oils. I used to use those typical cleaners and all they did was dry out my face and irritate my skin even more. But using Ultrabland I have quite the opposite effect. My face is left feeling soft, clean and pampered. Ultrabland is thick in consistency and full of rich essential oils, honey and beeswax, and is an ace at removing make-up. Its a simple product but a very popular one. I´m a big fan and I only ever choose this or coconut oil to remove make-up. Ultrabland also contains rose water which soothes and is very gentle. Perfect for those with sensitive skin. Another cool feature is that the beeswax in this product creates a waterproof barrier on the skin, thus locking in moister. Its the perfect deal! According to Lush´s website if you use this item consistently for at least 30 days it can reverse acne and dehydrated skin. I did try this out, as I had been having a lot of break-outs recently, and it really did do the job. My skin is so much more manageable now than before. This is some great stuff! A must try!

Toners, what even are they and what do they do? Well, exactly my question at the very beginning. I knew very little about what toners were, and what they were good for. I had read that most of them were full of alcohol and dried out your skin. Not really what I was looking for. Again, my sister, was telling me about how Lush´s toners were amazing! Not completely convinced I asked about it at Lush, and the member of staff there explained in details why Lush´s toner wasn’t your average on the market one. First off, Lush´s toners contain NO ALCOHOL WHATSOEVER! Like why would anyone spray alcohol in ones face, it doesn’t make sense. The toner I always use is the Eau Roma one as its good for sensitive skin because it contains lavender and rose water. Lush has two other types, one with tea tree and one with aloe and fresh sea water. Basically Eau Roma keeps your skin happy and hydrated. So if your skin is feeling a little dull and dry just spritz on some toner and you will feel refreshed instantly. I like to use this when traveling, for instance on long haul plane flights. It just refreshes you and re-energizes you without having to splash your face with water (which depending where it comes from can be quite harsh on the skin). My nana swears by toners. She never uses water to wash her face. She uses a cleanser and then uses toner to remove it and she looks pretty damn good for her age. The staff member at Lush also recommended this. For instance if you are using Ultrabland, you can use a Lush toner on a cotton pad to remove it. A toner can have many purposes depending on which type you have. Lush´s toners basically help close your pores after cleansing, hydrate and refresh your skin (at least that is what Eau Roma does).  Its a good idea to use a toner after haven had a facial steam session, or if you have used a steam room or sauna. A lot of people think using a toner is unnecessary but I do recommend you try Lush´s ones, you may like them.

I love love love Lush´s ¨fresh¨ face masks. I love face masks in general, but Lush´s ones have claimed my heart the most. My first and still most loved one is Oatifix. I could eat this product, yes this one too. I totally love Lush´s quote for this product: ¨Say bye, bye, bye to dry skin¨ (so clever and funny *puts on NSYNC*).  Oatifix, as the name suggests, is made of oats, bananas and almonds (come on that sounds good to eat for breakfast). They also add illipe butter, sandalwood oil and glycerin to the mixture to lock in moisture. I love using this mask as it leaves my skin feeling soft and looking dewy. I especially love using it in the winter as my skin can get a little more dry than usual. Its the best. Next up is Cupcake! I’ve only recently started using this mask for when I started to break out like crazy. This mask has immensely helped manage my break outs. Its so deeply cleansing and calming and at the same time refreshing. Also it smells gooood. I mean it is chocolate and there´s something very satisfying about smearing chocolate all over your face. Its quite therapeutic actually. I mean look at all those spa treatments that include chocolate in their face and body regimens. The last face mask is Mask of Magnaminty. Now this mask is something else. Its a peppermint mask that you can use on your face but also on your body. I just love that tingly, cold feeling I get when I put it on. The mask has effective purposes and yet is gentle on the skin. I was a little worried using this product at first and the Lush shop clerk recommended against it because of my sensitive skin but I have to say its a perfect mask for me. It refreshes and really makes my skin glow. I always leave it on really long until its gone really hard and you basically cant move your face anymore. I do recommend using this prior to taking a shower as its a bit of a pain to get off of your face and takes forever over the sink. Mask of Magnaminty is packed with rich kaolin to nourish, honey for antibacterial properties and peppermint oil to stimulate blood circulation. Its so unique and I love it. Definitely try this one out!

Oh and BTW I store all my masks in the fridge. Why you ask? Well they´re fresh and therefore only usable for a limited amount of time. By storing them in the fridge keeps them fresh for longer. Another cool thing Lush does is, if you collect 5 empty Lush containers (can be of any Lush product) you get a free face mask of your choice. Its due to their recycling protocol. Lush reuses their containers and that´s really amazing (pro environment go!). I could go on about Lush forever, it really is such an epic company in many different ways! Not only are their products amazing, cruelty free, fresh, honest but the company supports lots of charities and areas from which their ingredients come from. Lush´s policies really mean something and have a huge and positive effect on this earth and I am so thankful that Lush exists and I will keep supporting them for as long as I live! You can check Lush out by following this link!

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