A Cat´s tale: Cat-Chan´s Japan Trip 2017

If you´re a frequent reader of my blog you may have seen my post of things to do, eat and buy in Tokyo for my Japan trip this year. If not, then that´s okay. I basically wrote a guide/outline of things I wanted to experience on my trip to Tokyo in 2017 (that is if I ever did get to go). I started writing that post in late 2015 and posted it here last year September with the intent (and hope) of making my trip a reality this time around. I have been trying to get back to Japan ever since my last trip (and first trip) in September 2014. Every time there was something that got in the way; be it money, losing my job (which basically also means money), my mental health, not having the time, surprise bills (money) and so on. At the beginning of 2017 I made myself a promise, the promise to make it happen this year and I can safely and happily say that my promise pulled through! This year I got a new job that paid me more so that I could finally save to go to Japan. Plus I got a nice amount of moneyz back from my tax return which helped finance quite a large chunk of my trip. I cannot tell you just how thrilled and even emotional I am about finally being able to go back. So much that the thought makes me shed tears of joy every time I mention it or makes me dance spontaneously about the room. I have booked my flight, Airbnb and I’m already on my way or either already in Japan as you read this!

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So here the details! I will already be on my way by the time you read this on the 23rd/24th of October and I will be returning home on the 9th of November and accompanying me is my dear friend Jessie! Its been a dream of ours to go to Japan together! We get to experience Halloween in Tokyo (whoop) and the autumn foliage (when the leaves turn into autumn colours) which is like the most awesome thing ever!  I really wanted to experience the lovely autumn colours as autumn is my favorite season (spring and winter are my second favorite, in case you were wondering). I’m also planning on documenting my trip as best I can and posting the videos here and on my YouTube channel.  You can then get a lovely visual of my adventure in Tokyo. Jessie will be doing the same so keep an eye out for that too. I’m already so excited to share them with you once I get back home. In the meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram if you like as I will most definitely be posting there. You can find my Instagram in the sidebar to the right. Right now I will probably be stuck in a plane thousands of kilometers above you hoping for the ride to be over as soon as possible (I hate long haul flights). Well lets hope the food is good! Thanks for reading and catch you soon for more Japan related posts!

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