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Heya! I´m Catherine or Cat, Cat-Chan, Dibb or KittyCat. I´m a life procrastinator, but more than that a complete dreamer, total nomad with no place to call home and blogger about everything in life that makes me happy (I like to write about beauty, fashion, quirky, creepy and unique stuff a lot). I have moved around a ton from places like Germany, the UK and the Netherlands but there are still plenty of places I want to move to. Right at the moment I´m living in the Netherlands, in a town near Amsterdam and so far its the longest place I’ve ever lived in.  Other than dreaming I love to travel to the places I dream about and I try to travel as much and often as I can. As of late I have been able to live my life more to its fullest so I take every chance I can get to jump onto another continent. Japan has to be one of my favorite places to visit though. I am however very keen to explore the USA one day too!

Aside from the above mentioned I am passionate about languages. I speak fluent German, English, Dutch and am learning Japanese. I also dig Japanese Kawaii Fashion (though I look like a hobo most of the time ha ha) and wear Lolita fashion the most frequent to events and meet-ups. I´m also into Decora, Party Kei, Gothic and other quirky and comfy unique fashion styles.
If I´m not blogging or working, I´m being a lazy bum wearing PJ´s all day or writing creative shizzle in a dozen notebooks that I like to collect. I am also a cat lady and not ashamed, I wish I had more cats!

I’ve only just started living my life to the fullest and its exciting to know that there are many adventures that lie uncovered ahead of me!