✧・゚:*2018 Goals*:・゚✧

2018: I want 2018 to be my year of learning new things, trying new things and seeing new places around the world. Here is a list of my resolutions/goals (I have split them up per category):

Keep up healthy lifestyle
Go vegan
Program my mind for success!!!
Read more books
Attend more cultural activities
Attend more Lolita events/meet-ups this year
Try to organize or attend at least one social gathering/activity a month for a whole year (excl Jan)
Watch more anime and Japanese drama TV
Make January my detox month
Be more mindful

Places to go:
USA  RoadTrip
Florida, Orlando (Visit Disney World for the first time)
New York
Attend the burning of the Wickerman at CastleFest
Visit Midwinter fair
Go to Disneyland (Paris, USA)
Visit Paris for Japan Expo

Photo/image editing
Learn Japanese (be as fluent as possible by end of the year)
Learn and get better at making videos for YouTube

Maybe get a tattoo
Get my nose pieced
Get a new hair-due

Fashion goals:
Dress better and more fashionable
Do more with my hair and make-up
Buy more versatile Lolita dresses and other Harajuku fashion clothing

Work/Career Goals:
Publish at least 1 blog post per month
Publish at least 1 video per month on YouTube
Start part time freelance work and gradually build up own business
Work as an entertainer at a scary themepark

Motivation (self confidence) goals:
Do more photoshoots
Organise a Lolita meet-up this year


2017: I mainly wanted 2017 to be a year in which I achieved many of my goals. I wanted 2017 to be my year of achievement. It definitely was and therefore I give it the kanji  希, meaning hope! As I didn’t give up and never lost sight of my dreams.