A Cat´s tale: Cat-Chan´s Japan Trip 2017

If you´re a frequent reader of my blog you may have seen my post of things to do, eat and buy in Tokyo for my Japan trip this year. If not, then that´s okay. I basically wrote a guide/outline of things I wanted to experience on my trip to Tokyo… View Post

I Popped my Lush Haul Cherry!

Check it out folks, I did another video thing! I´m mighty proud and I can see I´m getting better and better. Editing videos is getting easier and I can be more creative! This time around I have a lovely Lush haul to share with you. I LOVE Lush and I´ve… View Post

Why I love…Sailor Moon, Stickers and Stationary

Sailor Moon My love for Sailor Moon started when I was a little girl in the 90’s. Sailor Moon was a pretty iconic anime for that time age and I’m so glad it was a part of my life. I used to really look forward to watching a new episode… View Post

3 Fall Looks incorporating Mom Jeans

Its the first of September, its time to catch the Hogwarts Express, but first I gotta shop for some awesome Fall/Autumn looks to keep me looking spooktacular this coming season. Fall is my favorite time of year, next to Winter and Spring, and the reasons are pretty obvious I’d say;… View Post

How was your Summer Cat?

This summer has been pretty good!. Which it hasn’t been in a long time. Many positive things have been happening since June. Things like: starting a new job that I really love, hanging out more with my sister which bought me a lot of happiness, working very hard on myself… View Post