4 Things To Make Good Habits Stick: The Process is the Purpose

Motivation can really bite you in the bum sometimes. It does mine. I have trouble finding the right balance and keeping it as consistent as I can, knowing that my balance is in the imbalance. The past couple of months have been highs and lows, which to be fair isnt… View Post

Positive Mind Positive Soul

This year I promised myself to be more fashionable, to dress proper, to wear clothes other than PJ’s and make an effort to look presentable. I want to be the best version of myself this year and that isn’t possible if I continue to dress like a hobo (nothing against… View Post

Monthly Favorites January

I’ve always wanted to do a favorites post or video and I think I will make it a monthly thing here. I always love reading about or watching people talk about their favorite things. Everyone has their own unique style of doing it. I personally love writing in a list… View Post