My Year in a Nutshell!

I’m going to be honest, my life at the moment isn’t on track whatsoever and I’m not at all prepared for 2018. I need some more time to get my skit together. 2017 started off quite promising and things got better and better as time went on. I managed to… View Post

Lolita Fashion Spring Inspirations

I’ve liked the Lolita fashion style for at least 10 years now and had actively been wearing it at least 5-6 years or so. Though the last two years I totally lost my love for the fashion. Reasons? Well, I was going though some dark times and I just didn’t… View Post

HyperJapan J-Fashion Show 2016

I did a thing! I got to be a part of the Hyper Japan J-Fashion show. Its been a dream of mine for years to be a part of the show and I was so happy to finally make this dream come true! I got to wear Sailor Lolita. So… View Post